Asaro Partanna Gli Agrumati Italian Flavored EVOO - 2 Pack

Asaro Partanna Gli Agrumati Italian Flavored EVOO - 2 Pack
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Condition: Virgin
1 Gli Agrumati Orange EVOO 250 ml
1 Gli Agrumati Lemon EVOO 250 ml


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You can sell a virgin on the internet now? SOPA/PIPA are tabled so the world is going mad, lol…

250ml. Why not tell us how many ounces or are you ashamed to tell us it is only 1 cup (8.45 ounces to be exact).

Don’t see “cold pressed” or similar on the bottle. :frowning:


Can anyone who bought these in the past report on them?

i seem to remember these guys also import the BALSAMIC VINEGAR!!!

In the description it says cold pressed.

“It was cold-pressed in Sicily, where olives and oranges grow freely.”

This is America! We use the British imperial system for measurement!

Is Woot ashamed to be American?

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OMG…Think this might be the “BIG TEASE”??? LOL They did not offer it over Christmas, thank goodness I had ordered 3 the last time it was offered, still have 1 in storage and 1/2 in my pantry! :smiley:

Ok…so now O.M.G has turned into Oh My Gookie? Not my doing but mkay…LMAO!