Ascension Cellars Primitivo Port (3)

Ascension Cellars Primitivo Port 3-Pack
Sold by: Winston Winery
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2013 Ascensions Cellars “Rapture” Primitivo Dessert Wine, Paso Robles

Lisa Dinsmore, owner of Ascension Cellars here. Winter is coming (though it doesn’t seem that way for those of us in CA) and there is no better way to end a holiday meal than with a lovely glass of port. Made from Zinfandel’s cousin, this was crafted in the Ruby Port style. It’s great alone, but also delicious with some blue cheese or dark chocolate.

Hi Lisa, Thanks for coming on board today. Can you tell us what the drinking window is on this offer. Ruby port - is it more a lighter translucent product color and lighter bodied port then say a extensively aged port? Thanks

Actually I would treat it more like an LBV or Reserve Ruby. It saw three years in barrel, before bottling and is ready to drink now - unlike many vintage ports which need additional aging in the bottle - but it does have the ability to age. Due to the residual sugar and acidity, it can easily age for at least 5-10 years from the vintage. Maybe longer in proper storage conditions.

Was this harvested at normal ripeness for table wine, or let hang for longer to get more of a late harvest flavour profile?

Normal ripeness. It is the the cousin of zinfandel, so there was a lot of natural fruitiness in the wine already. The RS comes from stopping the fermentation with alcohol, like most other traditional ports.


I’m in. Light up, Ohio! :slight_smile: