Ascus Nursery Ornamental Trees

Anyone know how easy these are (or not) to care for? I’m pretty bad with plants…

Ascus Nursery Ornamental Trees

Eversweet Strawberry Pot
$24.99 (Normally $49.99) 50% off List Price

Arbequina Olive Tree
$39.99 (Normally $59.99) 33% off List Price

Miniature Pomegranate
$29.99 (Normally $49.99) 40% off List Price

Miniature Coastal Redwood Tree
$29.99 (Normally $49.99) 40% off List Price

Hawaiian Tillandsia Pink Quill
$39.99 (Normally $59.99) 33% off List Price

Not sure how easy they are to take care of but I saw the Hawaiian Tillandsia Pink Quill on for 19.99.

I was wondering about that too. And whether my cats would eat 'em.

So can you actually grow olives?

The olives that are picked off trees are not the edible fruit that you enjoy, they are hard and extremely bitter; they have to be pickled and fermented before they becomes edible. However, if you wait for the tree to mature I can’t see why you couldn’t eat them.

Edit: More on Arbequina olives

19.99 on amazon:

REdwood same price on Amazon:


So are these safe for cats? Would like to hear from the manufacturer or a representative that knows for sure.

How much sun does this(the trees) need, my lab has no windows, but it sure would liven in my lair. Can I get away with taking it out once or twice a week?

I’d be interested to hear how the miniature pomegranates taste.

Found this care info on the mini pom:
Place the pomegranate in bright indirect light indoors. If the plant is not setting new buds after four to five weeks of planting, then move it to a brighter indoor location. If growing outdoors, then place the container in full sun. Optimum temperature indoors is 65 to 75 degrees F and grows outside in USDA zones eight to 11.

That site also warns that “The fruit of the miniature pomegranate is not edible by humans or animals”

too bad the mini-poms aren’t edible. we have a lemon tree in the southern window that we get 1-2 lemons a year off of. we’d get more but the cat or kids knock of the others. maybe a redwood.

So are any fruit trees are edible? I totally went from wanting to buy one to not, I want eatible plants

About the coastal redwood, Wikipedia says: “Condensation from coastal fog accounts for a considerable part of the trees’ water needs.” So if your home or office is blessed with a regularly used steam bath, these might be just the ticket.

I did some research on the internet and according to my findings strawberry, olive and quill plants are not poisonous to dogs and cats. However both pomegranate and redwoods are. Hope this helps

Yes it does help, thanks.

As a pet owner, thank you!

I would not dream of buying any of these. I did not see any word whether these plants could endure through a midwest WINTER indoors. I have been cultivating
Bonsai for over thirty years. I pass on this.

Well yes and no. They do that because they don’t always get the required rainfall all year round. So they use their massive canopy to gather water from the air. Chances are indoors moist soil would be more than enough to last. Very tempted.