Ashley's Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Fess Parker Ashley’s 2009 Santa Rita Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$59.99 $̶1̶1̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2009 Ashley’s Santa Rita Pinot Noir
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Should we be concerned with the Cellartracker Community Drinking window of 2014 for this wine?

I can’t speak to the ageability but I wouldn’t worry about the CT average - it’s just one person. If you click “Edit” next to the drinking window, you can see how many people have contributed to the average. Or just click the drinking window itself (2011-2014) in the new CT.

Rated 90 by RP, 91 by JS. I imagine it’ll be fine, esp. at that price.

No big deal but the title “Ashley’s Pinot Noir” kind of had me confused, thought this was a new winery I hadn’t heard of.

Ashley’s Santa Rita Hills refers to the vineyard from where grapes are grown.

That I know, it was just that the title threw me off, if it said Fess Parker Ashley’s Vineyard it would be clear…again,no big deal, it’s pretty well explained everywhere else.

When did Fess Parker become $30 a pop? I used buy FP wines at Costco for about half that price point.

The best offer I have seen one this Pinot was a Rue La La, which wasn’t much less than this one. Might you be thinking of a red field blend they offer?

This is a vineyard designate PN, which are always pricier than an AVA (Santa Rita Hills) or an even more broad (Santa Barbara) bottling.

Their appellation wines and blends are priced inexpensively but the vineyard designates have always been in this price range.

How long will Wine Woot be in business with 2/3 of their customer base gone?

Hopefully, they can figure something out. I guarantee they’re trying harder than you can imagine.

Why are 2/3 of their customer base gone??? I don’t buy during the summer months so haven’t been on so just wondering what is happening

Check the meager list of states they ship to now and you’ll understand why.

Yes but I figured it was just for this wine right, not for every wine woot offers. It has always been based on the winery of where it gets shipped not woot or has that changed?

Still true, but changed. Look at the very first post. The link is there.

Having been to the Fess Parker winery, I can tell you Ashley was one of his daughters, thus the sub name.

Thank you didn’t see that link just went to it and did a quick read. Wonder if Michigan is going to get caught up in this, to bad loved getting my wine from here but I’ll keep checking daily now that fall is here