Ashley Rock Axe Full Size Rockband and Guitar Hero Controller for PS2 and PS3

This one’s for Bill J.


call me a n00b but what do you do with that, why would you need two sets of keys for guitar hero or rock band?

Will this make me cool? IN FOR THREE!

Talk about not wanting something… at least the dirt devil was useful.


Can’t find a single review on this one. But I can tell you for sure that having a premium guitar hero axe is crucial.

Since it is USB, will it work with PC?

Too bad it doesn’t have the disk because then I would buy it. My ps2 broke my disk. I played it one day and it worked, I took the disk out and it was broken.

But this looks like nice guitar if you have the game.

Lame… bring on the 360 Guitar!

Rockband and Guitar Hero are great games, but when you start buying things like this it’s probably time to think about learning to play an actual guitar.

Base or lead guitar

It’s too bad this isn’t compatible with Nintendo Wii Guitar Hero. I’d be all over this if that was the case.

Sucks for the Wii/360 population :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be cool if I didn’t suck at the game so much.

I’ve seen some mods that people have done gutting a real guitar. This ends up being considerably cheaper.

Rock band and all are probably the dorkiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Nice air band Rock Gods.

Can I add real guitar strings to this when I get tired of aping other folks’ music?

Two reviews for jessiebyrd004: review: 4 out of 5, “Great controller that takes some getting used to”
Destructoid Exclusive: Rock Axe, the guitar controller to end 'em all

The description says that it has a dongle.

One set is for solos, which is why they’re closer to the body. And it’s spelled bass.

Bummer, not for XBox 360.

“Give you the feel of a real guitar, because it is actually made out of a real guitar.”

I wonder if you can put strings and play it like a real guitar?