Ashley Spectrum Custom Strat Electric Guitar & Mini Amp

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Ashley Spectrum Custom Strat Electric Guitar & Mini Amp
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Ashley AIL-89BW Spectrum Custom Strat Electric Guitar & Mini Amp

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Great deal, around $120 elsewhere

They had a pretty Blue one about 22 hours ago!

This is a disgusting guitar. It probably falls apart when you play a G chord.

2nd guitar on here in the past day. not musically inclined

I’ll stick to my pro air guitar.

A lousy instrument that your kid will have to stop playing every five minutes in order to tune will not get them interested in music.

yup i saw this this morning wat the frig

and hey batman

good for a grammar school kid, thats about it.

This isn’t for playing music, this is the one you smash up after the song is over to show everyone what a hard rocker you are. You use an actual Strat for the music.

Sold for 120 everywhere? Amazon has it for 65 unless im reading it wrong…

Edit- On second look it is a different model number, but i dont know what that actually means as far as differences go.

junk… my gibson was 1000 and its still kinda cheap guitar. with music its about quality

They’ll have to list a lot more of these to catch up with the 10.1" refurbed netbooks.

The “Pawn Stars” guys will give you twice as much for it.

in for 1, always wanted to learn how to play

Hey back.

Even though I’m not buying one, I am not complaining. Finally some items that aren’t various types of cords or trinkets.

Hey now, not everyone can afford Rock Band ™ on a 300-inch television.

Some of us must be content with practicing and playing actual instruments, on street corners, in your homes (you have multiples), seducing your moms (you are the product of liberalism).

Honestly, you can’t expect someone to spend thousands of dollars on their first guitar. This is cheap enough that someone who isn’t sure about whether or not they want to play can try, it isn’t intended for people who have already invested a lot of time and effort into learning the instrument.