Ashley Spectrum Custom Strat Electric Guitar & Mini Amp


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Great deal!

This is on deals.woot

mini guitar amp that looks like a guitar lol…

55 bucks for a cheap strat copy ? Heck play it once and " jimi hendrix " it with a can lighter fluid for snits and giggles !

I am just guessing (HOPING) that there is no carps of bags tonight?! I need to get some rest!

Hey, something mildly interesting that I haven’t bought previously.

I seriously question the quality of that guitar, as an avid collector/musician I want to say that you will most certainly get what you pay for.

Yeah! You win the a - hole of the day award

POS junk toy strat, but might be good for your 7 year old who ‘really wants a guitar’

Does it plug in to my Xbox? Is it Rock Band compatible?

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I wonder what type of wood the body is made of?

This is the same price or higher on other sites. $49.99 - $60.00
You would probably save on shipping by buying on woot though.

can’t be very custom if i can’t even play it with my upside down ways.

agreed. I’m sure just another cheapo beginner guitar… and the amp probably won’t do much either.

Bought one of these for my son at Kohl’s on sale. It’s a decent sounding guitar with a few flaws.

The first problem is that the built-in amp is worthless, and not worth the trouble.

Secondly, the controls are placed such that they affect hand placement. We replaced the guitar fairly quickly for that reason, as it was messing up his learning.