Which instrument is calling your name? :slight_smile: I hear the ukelele isn’t hard. Here are my two favorite ukelele players.

The princess of ukelele, Molly Lewis.
And in my opinion, the queen of ukelele, Amanda Palmer (NSFW language, 1 instance).
Ukelele Anthem

I bought the 41" Accoustic the first time it was offered and it’s great. I bet the ukelele is fun … And seems to be first to sell out every time.

Why is the same keyboard that was in previous sales $6 more? Also, the “list price” shot up $20 to make it seem as if the percentage saved is greater. Doesn’t seem right.

This is my favorite on the ukelele, Jake Shimabukuro

It’s not right at all. Woot+ has been dealing scam bad business, like Ebay DailyDeals, that “Going Out of Business” mentality. Just research Woot+ prices & you’ll often find the same everyday prices on Mothership Amazon.

I own a Epiphone Les Paul Special II,
My first guitar is a Squier Stratocaster that really is the rockband 3 controller/real guitar. I wanted a Strat so i can have 2 low level starter guitars to play with. I hope it has all that i need a guitar to learn to play with. well i now have 3 and the last 2 cost as much as the rockband 3 real squier. I know its sad.

Yep, he’s awesome!

More options than last time and STILL no bass? It’s fundamental to virtually every genre of music.

Thank you for pointing this out. The buyer has set the price to match the previous sale. Any customers that purchased prior to the price change will be notified by customer service.

I would like to note that list prices can fluctuate. I looked on Amazon when I saw your post and we matched their list price of $79.97. Sometimes these list prices are quite the moving target in online retail.

Again, thanks for pointing it out.

Needs Moar Violins Please!

I bought one earlier today on Woot for $44, now it’s $38. I wonder why?

If you’re talking about the keyboard, read my post above. You’ll get an email from CS this week telling you that you’re due a refund.

Are these any good? I wanted a cutaway the last time I tried to learn

always wanted to learn to play guitar you think this will be good learn ?

I always look to the internet for my sax and violins.

If you want a guitar, you’re best served buying used on Craigslist and spending a little more. Good guitars at this price point don’t exist.

I ordered up the “Spectrum AIL39Y Classical Acoustic Guitar” on 7/27/12, arrived on 8/1/12. woot-woot!! (take it as a term of endearment). Well packaged hence no shipping damage (common problem with the man-handlers at ups, def not woot or manufacturers fault if ever damaged anyways). i put her in tune and then she played. it was “in tone” and sounded like a 300$ nylon string for the price of way freaking cheaper! will def buy more from ash-spec guitars since i know this one will be nice for practicing. oh yeah a free set of strings was pretty righteous too.

Hooray!! :slight_smile:

I ordered two ukuleles. At first glance, the workmanship is pretty sloppy. The soundholes aren’t sanded down and the finish is a little rough near the neck joint. The frets are filed down though and not sharp so that’s good. No buzzing frets and the action and intonation is decent. The tuner’s work just fine.

I strung them both with Aquila’s (1 low g and 1 high g) and they sound pretty good! Comparable to my low end Kala uke. After stretching/breaking in the strings they stay in tune fairly well. Not bad for roughly $30/each including the extra cost for the Aquila’s.