Ashworth Apparel from TaylorMade

I wouldn’t mind playing a par 4 that’s 230 yards.

Good catch. Par?

I’m a little confused. The shorts that are named “Ashworth Z5177829 Madras Plaid Flat Shorts - Dark Gray” have the name of the short here:
Madras Plaid Flat Front Short (then click on “dark grey”). The pictured short looks more like the “grey” or “gray” color. Although all pictures of that one look much less saturated than the photo here.

Can I please get a clarification? Is the photo wrong or is the name wrong?

Also, the Navy/Ash here looks like the “Navy” on TaylorMade’s page.

Have all of the photos here been over-saturated? Or are the colors of your stock significantly different than those displayed on the TaylorMade / Ashworth site?

It does look like the photos are possibly switched there.
Thanks for finding the differences!

I’ll forward this post along to staff and see if there isn’t a correction to be made.

it was better when ashworth had their own parking lot sale events

Finding it difficult to find any sizing info for the shirts and pullovers… Even on the manufactures website.
Anybody have any in site or resource for sizing of these tops. And do the shorts waist sizes run true?

It look green to me. I bought myself the green faded shirt with these shorts. We’re headed to the Carib in October, I’m getting my light weight clothing and golf clothing. Nice prices!

I created a link for the lengthy URL. If u look to the right while creating your posting, they explain easily how to do it. This is my 1st time and it werked! My IT director and the wife, the business webMRS showed me how but this little chart made it easier for me. Thanks W000T!

$27.94 for the shorts I paid $29.99 for on here plus shipping.
Thought we got a great deal, I was going to order them for my 2 sons I golf with as often as we can get together.  I’m not going to bother now. I’ll be happy with them as I own this brand but W000T should always be the cheapest.
This just is not my day on here. :frowning: