ASICS Jolt Sneakers-Regular & Wide Width

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ASICS Jolt Sneakers-Regular & Wide Width
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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Men’s 15 4E… it brings a tear to my eye for once I can buy a shoeWoot

Are these an exclusive Woot item? I looked around for a review of them and can’t find them anywhere online.


In my experience ASICS run very small. If you have not worn them before, try a pair on for size before ordering.

No E size available, they must have sold out fast.

No E left (or available?) for lady feets. I cry.

They’re on Amazon, Dick’s carries them, lots of places carry them.


I’m not finding Asics Jolt anywhere other than Woot.

The Jolt is a new shoe from Asics launching on Woot!

Women’s wide width is (D). There are plenty available!

No evidence that that’s true. The “Jolt” shoe does not appear on Asics website, the company representative I spoke with had never heard of a “Jolt” model - nor had 2 running shoe stores I called who are visited frequently by Asics sales reps pushing the latest additions to the brand.

Common sense would suggest that a “dumping ground” website such as Woot would not be chosen as a launching platform for a new shoe style by a major manufacturer to the exclusion of every other outlet of its products.

Looks like it might be an Asian market shoe branded the “JOG 100” overseas. offbroadwayshoes has a Job 100 that looks identical. And when you image search for Asics JOG 100 you will find a lot of images with Asian writing in the product photos.

Hello MrWizard1923! Impressive legwork you have done! We have a very good direct relationship with Asics and as such they chose to launch this shoe with us. Mass retailers will have this shoe in the spring, and when they do we encourage you to please check back with us for a great deal at that time. In the meantime, these are great shoes. We hope you get a pair!

I guess I’m waiting until the spring. 4E seems to be a popular width! Very difficult to find shoes at a reasonable price when you have no arch and these looked perfect!

I would like to know if these have “IGS” on the back. It stands for “Impact Guidance System.”


Totally agree!!