Asics Men's Gel Fortify Wide

Are these Wide width sizes or is Wide just part of the name?

If it’s wide width size, any idea if it’s 2E, 4E etc?

It’s 2E.

The vendor also elaborates by saying "These are real wide widths – which typically is about two tenths larger than a medium and normally found in the forefront.

So size 10 regular would measure at 4.0” and wide at 4.2."

Thanks Taylor. It’s tough to find Asics wide sizes. I got my order in.

Woohoo! I hope you love them!

Why won’t the system let me order? I want two pair of the Wides in 9.5 - goes all the way through, then on add to cart just goes to the beginning. I’d like to try these shoes even though the naming and sizing is confusing.