Ask Again Later

love the artist description.

I like this shirt.

But does anyone else think the graphic on it is too small?

Will Travis win?

Magic 8 Ball says “YES!”

Congrats, sir!

oh yeah, starting off the week well, i have two other shirts predicted to do well and if so, I will have three new shirts this week.

Got mine with my 420 coupon!

lol i tried really hard to be the first woot.
ill buy this one, and either the fire hydrant one or the blender one this weekend if it come out :smiley:

What I want to know is if they saw the end coming…

Poor statisticians getting all jumbled up when it’s shaken.

So pretty. I knew this one would be printed.

Were my wallet not experiencing a temporary cashflow issue this month, I’d certainly buy it.

So pretty.

And just in time for the new magic 8 ball movie. What timing!

i would put money on betting you beat me by about 3 seconds.


I see that sneaky fellow at the server…he’s the one who programs the 8ball to say “Yo momma”.

Congrats TGentry!!! This is a great shirt!

The tiny men in the 8-ball kindly request that you not shake the device.

I prefer to ask my Magic Cue Ball…

That’s what I call my bald psychiatrist…

I personally don’t like the purple/blue combo on asphalt. Maybe on black…? Congrats on the win anyway :slight_smile:

This shirt doesn’t make any sense to me… Isn’t the common perception of a Magic 8 Ball that it is a stupid toy that doesn’t give you real answers? I would think if there were scientists working on machines that the answers would be more logical and based on statistics, and actually the same every time you ask the same question!

I think a scientist picking a card randomly from a hat would make more sense for a Magi 8 Ball…

Reminds me of the computer from Willy Wonka:

Maybe if the print were a bit lower.
Pretty though, love the colors.