Ask Woot! Anything: Vendor Managers (aka Buyers)

Can y’all buy some above ground pools? I need one.

come join the team! we are going to launch a new category (super secret) where we can use your skills


I think you mean “work with the robots”. No need to anger them already.


So, @vtalada or anyone else, what’s that merchandising thing you talked about in your intro?

Is it pasta? I hear bulk pasta is all the rage.

Always searching for these; getting them to a deal price with freight included is quite the challenge.


Glad you’re lookin! Maybe some of the smaller sizes. Like 14 feet and under.

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BOC go through their special own curation process led by our very own TT

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It’s Ramen - @AJSarrett is your Megamind for that! HAHA

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Is there anything off limits purchasing-wise?

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And they definitely cost more to make/ship than you pay.

When we will have a woot-off?

@bananasaurus can you send 1 dollar clearance deals straight to my inbox?

Hopefully soon, we miss them too!!

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On the serious side, how do the buyers source our woot! treasures?

merchandising includes curating events on the site, scheduling deals on the calendar, creating the listings including features and specs

I cannot. My robot won’t allow me.

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