ASOM Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

I really want one but how loud is it? If it’s in the same room with a tv… could you hear the tv ok?

It’s not loud, you’ll hear the tv just fine

How much water does it hold

Does this need filters?

Amazon Q&A talks about a filter.

It is not worth it. Bought 3 couple weeks ago at this same price. Only sent 1 and still billed me for 3. Had to call and make a stink to get credit for the two they charged me for but did not deliver. It is really small, doesn’t hold much water, so does not last very long. It has a filter that has to be changed and is expensive. The mist comes out week and goes right toward the floor. There is a reason they are priced so cheap. Because they suck!

ASOM is no where to be found on or inside the box material. On box shows manufactured for : Remedies Corp., Brooklyn, NY. MADE IN CHINA. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Not much. It always shows up on sale at deep discount for a reason, it sucks. It is falsely represented to be a ASOM Humidifier. Comes in a box with stating MFG. for REMEDIES CORP., of Brooklyn, NY MADE IN CHINA. There is no mention of ASOM inside or outside the box. Beware.

Anyone have the dimensions? Considering for travel/hotel room

We just added them.
7 x 7 x 9 inches

Does it work on a Mac?

Will it feed and water my dog for me?

I miss that question… sometimes.

Works great for me. Great price. Colors add a cool effect. Good for one room. Hold enough water for 8-12 hrs.

Bought it a couple of weeks ago, the mist is strong and it’s very quiet compared to better known brand. The nightlight feature is awesome with the different colors, my daughter loves it. This is not a whole house humidifier, probably just a room one, I bought it for my kids’ room when they are sick and it is needed. Someone else pointed out that it doesn’t say ASOM anywhere, mine came in a box with very big letters saying ASOM.

Does this work on 110 or is it USB?

Can it core a apple?

I ordered and paid for 2 but only rec’d 1. I spoke to a rep named ‘Enu’ on 01/24 who promised action in 3-5 business days. Time is up.

Hi there. I see CS got back to you and a second one is on the way. Sorry about that!