Aspire Digital AD-1100 Plus 650 watt Home Theater


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Ok…I’ve already got a nice DVD player and 5 speakers in my living room…But I do have that guest room…and maybe someday I’ll want to watch a movie in the basement. I suppose I could put a TV out in the garage.


much better than yesterdays… today is a killer deal :twisted:

and it’s NEW!

I’m in


Right with you, Dave-o. I’ve already got a great Sony version of this type of setup for my TV room, but now I have to wonder how many other rooms in the house could do with a good surround sound setup. I know of at least one that it would be great for…no, make that two…or all of them. Hell, how many will they let us buy?


Anyone know if this has any digital inputs ? I want to connect my digital cable box via the digital audio output to a home theatre system. If this fits the bill, I’m in.


Sadly no digital inputs. But there is digital output.

Also, check out this favorable review of this system by an audiophile magazine!

Having just bought a surround sound system, I can’t justify it… must… fight… urge… to buy…

  • ben


has anyone in here actually recieved product from this company? i want it, but i’m a lil skeptical… any incentive would be great!


This sold out fast-- anyone know when?


way too fast for me damn :frowning:


typical. I’ve checked Woot! every day at 7:00am when I arrived at work, until today because of a meeting… haven’t been interested in any of the deals so far, and one that I would have bought sells out before 11:30am.

well, i have to give it to woot… good deal, good job. i guess i will have to be on the ball next time,


12am to approximately 3:45am central time, 53 units sold and the sold out indicator kicked in.

approximately 8am cst an errant form-resubmit on our end caused the product to launch again for a few minutes. that got our blood flowing nicely this morning 9 more units sold in this time frame before we got things turned off. (we felt like the guys in the UPS commercial who are initially pleased and then go into shock as the quantity ticks up)

we have a couple open orders with resellers on this product and at this time we believe we can short 9 units from them to take care of all woot orders. at this time, (meaning today at least) we have no more of these units available to sell.

thank you for your strong support of this concept community and store. we are still working through some programming and order flow glitches and things should only get better.



Myself and a couple friends have ordered. We all got our tivos yesterday and i should receive my wireless keyboard and mouse today too. I have become practically an addict here. I’ll go broke for sure and I would definitely have bought this system today. :frowning: What a disappointment, I will have to check at 12am from now on.


Boy did that item go quick. Please WOOT, add more inventory for us slow pokes.


1 minute 'til the next big deal. Anyone else hanging out waiting?


What was the price on this?




Is this available for me to buy


is this availbale now if i want to buy


Look at FAQ, no way to buy after it’s gone


Have these items shipped yet? Has anyone received their tracking email yet? If not, when will they ship?