Aspire Digital AD-1100 Plus 650 watt Home Theater


Welcome to the Woot-Off item #1 topic page for this product on Fri, October 8th please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the Aspire Digital Home Theater here.


Must have … Can’t resist …




Cool. I didn’t even see this on the main page, but it was in the forums. Good timing I guess. =P


Good deal.


Fancy rotating lights and all!


too bad i have no where to put this… and to think i just got paid when this was posted… thanks direct deposit :smiley:


damn i juyst bought logitech stuff, but this looks very sweet, is it?


Looks like a good deal.


What exactly is different from a Woot off than from a regular Woot??


Wow, this thing is amazing. I’m pissed at myself that I just got a home theater system. But, I got one that was the same price, but with 150 less watts.


The site’s down already?



Nice nice nice too bad I just bought one. :cry:


too bad i never heard of “Aspire” sounds pretty crappy. Id think about it if the speakers were wirless, I’m gonna have to pass.


definitely a good deal


well, these look familiar.
i can definitely say it’s a good deal. i would have bought them the first time around, but i didn’t even know about woot back then.
i just happened to win one of these setups in my first bag of crap though, and it sounds great!


My suitemate has what I believe is this exact system hooked to his PC. If he’s still awake when I get home, I will try and find some more details. While I know he paid something more like $150 or $200 for this, he’s pretty disappointed in it and stated that he regrets buying it.


Today, OCT. 8 is my BDay… So, I just got my Birthday Present :slight_smile: WOOT! WOOT! heheh Now I can rewire my room. ahahh



Not bad looking and the price is ok. Never heard of this brand before. I would by it if i didn’t have a complete bose system. Just remember that the progressive scan DVD mode is no good if your TV is not progressive scan capable.


ahhhhh geeeez credit woot for coming up with such a crazy idea now…so i dont have to wait 3 days for the next woot…

but wait, doesn’t it mean that i’ll be checking woot all the time now? :evil: what if they throw a random bag-o-crap as a woot-off? now THAT would be messed up.

freakin woot-offs… :evil:

:shock: :shock: :shock: OOOMG SOLD OUT IN 6 minutes 40 seconds??? now i am scared…how many woots will there be this weekend???