Aspire V5 UltraThin 15.6" Laptop

**Item: **Aspire V5 UltraThin 15.6" Laptop
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New

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7/30/2013 - $399.99 (Woot Plus)

No Touchscreen? win 8 kinda sucks w/o touchscreen

Specs, Docs, Reviews etc on the Product Page
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Additional info and solid reviews (7.8 out of 10.0) over at

Let’s watch an unboxing [youtube=OOSDE4DhOmo][/youtube]

If it had a touch screen and wasn’t AMD I’d buy it immediately

1366 x 768 resolution and other specs are not outstanding at all.

@mclovintonite and @smallworld did you notice it’s a NEW $400 laptop? $400, not $500 or $600 and did I mention it’s also NEW. Seems like a good deal to me

No touchscreen… Yippee YI YO! Bravo! YMMV… Mine, no touchy,no likey.

I use to hear bad things about AMD processors getting too hot and the Acer brand in general (probably due to the AMD processors).

Are both reliable now? Seems like a great price for a quad core processor even if it doesn’t have a touch screen.

I could only find one review that mentioned game play. How do you guys think it’ll handle if I want to take a break from work and play SWToR or Bioshock? If I upgrade the RAM to 6, of course.

Agree 100% … no laptop equals really limted in windows 8. I don’t care if it’s brand new or not. When it comes to having Win 8 as your OS I don’t think they should come without touchscreen.

Anyone know what version Windows 8 this one comes with?

For $400 the 1366x768 screen resolution is very typical.

These specs will feel snappy for email, web browsing, Facebook, YouTube, & Microsoft Office.

The standout feature: a really nice thin (less than an inch) case design. This isn’t one of those clunky 1.6 inch thick monsters.

If you don’t care about the case and don’t like AMD then Intel i3 CPU laptops with clunkier cases are available for similar $.

I own an Acer model that is similar, not the ultra slim. I have the Acer Aspire V3-551-8469. I normally use it for music and DJ purposes. I have played some games on it. I have played Skyrim and Borderlands 2. It’s not going to be at ultra graphics settings mind you. I think it runs right around mid/medium. I ran into no problems though. Also have never had a problem running my music or DJ software on it during performances and I have been doing at least one show a month since last November when I bought it. Hopefully that answers your question.

Agreed. In fact, Windows 8 kinda’ sucks, period! I keep seeing reports that PC sales are lagging.
Newsflash: The PC isn’t the root of the problem… it’s the OS.

As someone who owns this laptop, I say it’s a great buy at this price. I bought it for $500 last Nov. It does have a dvd drive and is incredibly thin. I’d say it’s the thinnest laptop you’ll find without going to a ultra-book. The performance is decent and I have done some gaming on it. This laptop will run Bioshock no problem. I play Portal 2 on it with max settings and have no issues. The thing never gets hot. I believe the A8 processor is a ULV processor and uses something like 19watts. I do wish it was a touchscreen, but what do you expect for a sub $500 laptop. I will say that the trackpad is huge by windows laptop standards and you can do some of the win 8 gestures on it. Overall I say it’s a great buy at this price.

I would never buy anything Acer. I had a warranty issue with an Acer laptop and they tried to rip me off. Fortunately the seller made it right. Like an elephant, I never forget. Get an Asus instead. Better quality and warranty.

I’ve used and loved Acer products right along with AMD. People at stores almost always try to steer towards Intel and I just don’t agree. I tried to quickly find a good comparison but all I could find that had an analysis of two in equal pricing fields were propaganda so I will just tell you what I know. AMD typically uses more power, which causes more heat. If you treat your computer well you shouldn’t have a problem.

AMD trinity cpu’s are great as they provide amazing graphics performance, especially compared to i3 cores. I’m not a “fan boy” but I want the best for my money and that is what I remain on top of. I always recommend AMD to those on a budget, you will end up with a better computer. Since the CPU’s are still newer and they keep coming out with better ones the drivers are regularly updated and you should stay on top of that. Also these APU’s are very dependent on the memory that are in the system as the graphics runs off of the system memory. If you upgrade to a low latency and highest speed and capacity possible for the laptop, it is very likely you will see a huge performance increase especially in games…

Intel is good if your main priority is battery life and consistency. You rarely ever have to update an Intel in order for everything to function properly, but you get a huge sacrifice in performance and that doesn’t fly with me. The I3’s are going to be faster with coding as well unless the programs can take advantage of all cores.

I have approximately 11 years of computer building/repair experience and always choose AMD (because repairing computers doesn’t pay). If money wasn’t an issue, I would definitely hop on an i7.