Assorted Boxed Plushies

I don’t have room to store these. Less useful than the screen wiper cupcake from the school crate.

I was hoping for stickers.

Good stocking stuffers

These are amazingly cute!

Notice the photo of the box says collect all 13, but only 12 are shown on the box and in the sale. What’s the 13th one?

These are freaking fantastic! I’m in for 3.

These are so adorable!

Only, I need the ability to choose which ones I want in order to pay that much. With my luck, I’d get several copies of the ONE I don’t like and be very sad/mad.

That’s hilarious.

Sooo cute :slight_smile:

Actually, now that I look more closely there are actually 13 shown in the photos, but the Grimace looking one from the box photo isn’t represented in person, and the elephant looking one in the group photo isn’t represented on the box nor by individual photo.

Will someone please make a list of these with their proper design names?

I can’t wait for my Unstealthiest Ninja!

There are 13… one is a very rare mystery plushie. :slight_smile:

Ok, I bought 2 and am desperate for the scurvy orange. Fingers crossed that I get one. If not, fingers crossed there will be a forum thread to possibly make a trade.

Take a closer look - all of them in the group photo are illustrated on the box. I believe there (may be) a super secret one as the box has a large ? on the side above the list.

Mini Plushies? How mini?

Ok. The one I called the Grimace one is actually the bird I think. And the elephant is actually the unicorn. Ha. I need new glasses. So there is a mystery one still unaccounted for.

Thanks for confirming!

and how many? Does the box have only one plush inside or are there 13? I"m confused…

From approximately top to bottom, Right to Left in group photo:

Elder god w/ building
Unicorn w/ rainbow
Cat w/ baked good
Veg. Zombie

(Somebody correct me if I’m mistaken as I’m typing fast.)

how many plushies come in the box? Just one? Or 13?