Assorted Corkscrews (6)

Six Assorted Corkscrews
$9.99 $70.00 86% off List Price

Hard to resist at this price - in for a dozen!

Finally, a corkscrew for any occasion! In for a dozen.

Wonder if these were vendor sourced by TSA? My husband has a bad habit of packing the corkscrew in his carry on and TSA has at least a half dozen of ours. We can always use a few extras. In for one.

Some favorite things include:

  1. drinking wine with friends

  2. giving gifts to friends for no particular reason

Screw you, 6 times =)

LOL - we’ve donated a few to the TSA as well.

We almost gave one to the French authorities, the screener in Paris found it, looked at it, looked at us, and said {imagine Kevin Kline doing a French accent} - “This is only for the French wine, non?”

I said, “Oui!”

He threw it back in the bag and said, “Bon retour.”

I wouldn’t even want to own any lacking the extra hinge. Kind of a shitty gift to give, even to the TSA!

My non-wine-loving friends won’t know the difference. A single-hinge waiter’s corkscrew is a step up from a ‘wing’ style any day. They’ll be delighted while I can hoard the double-hinge ones for myself.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a position without a corkscrew on hand. Now I’ve got enough for each suitcase, glove compartment, and vacation home I have.


Personally all I use anymore are the double hinged Pulltap style corkscrew. Knockoffs are as cheap as $1.28 free ship on ebay. Buy a bag full, take them anywhere and everywhere, give’em away, lose’em…who cares?!

4 out of 6 have extra hinge. So even the worst case you get at least two double-hinged.

Interesting. I always have a corkscrew in my carryon and I travel very often and have never had one confiscated. guess I have been lucky.

Random selection so not necessarily. That’s the way I read it anyway.

Edit: Read it closer. Think you are right. I’m so confused.

Still, no need for anything but double action for this challenged wino.

For some reason, when I try to purchase these corkscrews it tells me that I am too young. I am well over 21 but I do not see a place in my account where it determines my age. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

If you have the type without the foil cutter foldout knife, you can have it in a carry on bag. Ours always had the foil cutter knife.

Or you were just lucky.

Its not so obvious, but in the middle of the page where it tells you you are to young, there is a line that shows your birthdate. By default, its set to 2012. You have to click on it to change it.

I don’t know if the picture changed since this morning, but there are eight in the picture that’s up now. Considering WOOT, there might not be an even proportion of single hinge to double hinge, but if per chance there is, the distribution should be approximately 50% - 50% chance. Maybe three and three. But with WOOT something like this is always a crap shoot.

P.S. It looks like, in the description, your only guaranteed ONE double hinge…or maybe not.

Thanks for the advice. Its embarrassing to notice that immediately after reading your post.