Assorted Corkscrews (6)

Trying to purchase this but keep getting this message… “Your session has expired. Please sign in again by clicking on the Pay with Amazon Button.” Logged in and back out. All my info is current and up to date, Woot is linked with my Amazon but I’m still unable to purchase. Please advise.

Hi there. Are you using our mobile app or purchasing via a browser?

Can you try closing the app/browser and try again?

Also, clear temps/cache. Try another browser.

Let me know.

Using my laptop, did what you recommended, still the same result.

What browser you using. Had the same issue with Brave, had to shut down shields then all was well.


Are you at work where a firewall might be causing a problem?

Just received, used one of the double hinge ones and the metal sheared on the blade. Guess you get what you pay for.