Assorted Keyboards From Various Brands

The last picture for the “ROCCAT RYOS MK Advanced Mechanical Gaming Keyboard” shows a backlit keyboard with 2 USB ports in the corner. According to amazon reviews this keyboard has neither. I believe this picture is from the Pro model.

The chroma is tempting…

Yeah, think you’re correct. Image has been removed.

It says Cherry MX switches… but what kind of MX switches on the Roccats? Very important information to have!

Indeed, I was going to buy one at full price from a store down the street, but I’d rather just wait and get it here. :3

Hey man, from what I remember when I was keyboard shopping a few months back ROCCAT has different versions of their keyboards for each of the Cherry MX colors (i.e. the choice isn’t made for you).

That’s probably why Woot doesn’t have the specific color type listed.

Psst- save yourself $40 and get a regular one they’re functionally the same.

P.S. Psst- that is, unless you really really like lights.

P.S.S Psst- I happen to really really like lights, that’s why I’m typing to you on one now.

I got the classic blue backlit Blackwidow factory reconditioned and a few of the key lights died out
Bought the 2013 Blackwidow new and it’s been flawless. I’ll wait for a proper sale on a new chroma.

I have 3 BlackWidow refurbs from Woot. All 3 are flawless. But there’s one thing that I’ve always wanted them to do…

…any color I wish.

Chroma, I choose you.

The temptation got me, I have bought the Chroma, will post a video of unpacking and review for those brave wooters that will get them next time around.

I caved and bought one twice because my boyfriend’s birthday is this month. The lizard part of my brain does enjoy flashing lights.

I said I was going to do an unbox video of the Chroma, I got too exited and opened it without taking a video, I am now in love with this keyboard, flawless, I don’t see why it would be refurbished, no sign of use at all. If this was ebay, A++++++

Received mine and it has a faulty left shift key. From the moment I plugged it in, it took 6 attempts to log into my computer. I then got locked out of a website right after before I realized it wasn’t my typing, but the shift key not registering that was throwing my passwords off. I’m contacting Razer to see if they will replace. If not it’s going to have to be returned =(. It sure it pretty though…

My new Razer Chroma arrived and I’ve been using it at work for a few days now. It replaced a standard Razer BlackWidow Ultra. Seems to be working fine.

I had a hard time getting it to work at first with the Razer Synapse 2.0 software that I had already installed. Normally it should “just work” when adding a new Razer product. I guess not. Had to uninstall and reinstall. Oh well. Works now.

Compared to the older Razer keyboard, the main difference in the key switches is that they went from Cherry Blue switches to these other ones under their own brand name (I believe made by some other company, but definitely NOT Cherry). They’re similar to Cherry Blues, but… a little bit more… mushy? I get a bit more tired typing on it than my old one.

Lightshow is pretty spiffy. I like that. If only I could have the older Cherry key switches.