Astak 1080p Sports Action Cam - 2 Pack

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Astak 1080p Sports Action Cam - 2 Pack
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Looks a lot like the nabi cam I bought in the past. Very happy with the nabi so if this is as good at the two for price,it’s a very nice deal.

Are these waterproof and does anyone know if the adhesive on the mounting would discolor a cherry headboard?

Does this come with a bicycle mount? I’m assuming sold separately so links to where those are sold would be appreciated.

wow… really?

The only similarity is they both have lenses and are shaped like blocks. The Nabi has a removable screen and is high quality.

It’s a…

The video review above says the longest video you can shoot with this is 30 minutes. That kinda sucks. This was looking like a really good deal.

Does this come with 2 of everything? So if I gave one to my daughter and kept one we would both have everything we need to use it?

The Video shows a camera with a different case, mentions it included 8 gb card. Commenter notes that only 30 min recording ( did not find that) Specs do not mention included card but say can handle up to 64gb. IS THIS THE SAME CAMERA?

The thumbnail for the accessories says that you get two of everything…so yes.

Hi, this is Michael from the manufacturer. To answer the question, no, the adhesive is a 3M grey heavy duty foam tape. It won’t leave any color on area it sticks to. It won’t discolor the surface.

I think yes. Looking at the reviews on amazon it seems the original case had issues and they came out with a new case. I think this video is when they had the old case, but this offer is with the new case. Although I don’t own one so I can’t be positive on that.

This is a double pack deal. You will receive two retail boxes in the shipment. You will have two of everything there.

You are right. The current case with squared shape is updated design. The old round one will leave some shades on the corner of video under 720P video mode.

It doesn’t come with bicycle mount. It can be purchased separately from manufacturer.

Is there a 30 min limit recording time?
Is a 8gb card included?
Can it use a 64Gb card?