Astak 720P IP Camera w/16GB MicroSD - 2pk

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Astak 720P IP Camera w/16GB MicroSD - 2pk
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I am interested in getting these but do not know a lot about them. My purpose is to embed a live stream from one of these cameras on my website. Is that possible to do? If so, is it difficult to do? Thank you for your help!

Would these work as baby monitors?

Does the camera require the Ethernet cable to be physically attached? Or can it communicate with router directly via wifi?

Your choice:

H.264 Wireless/Wired/IP/Network Cloud Base Camera with Two-Way Audio

somehow I think the 100megapixel claim is a little hyperbolic.

Yeah… I think what happened is they parsed the Amazon description incorrectly.

“Astak Mobivue 100 Megapixel HD 1280 x 720p H.264”. The model number is 100, and it’s a (1) Megapixel camera.

Even that is a stretch mathematically speaking.

I believe these are the specs you guys are looking for…

Easy 3-step setup with no network configuration required
H.264 video compression
Powerful high-performance media processor
Low bandwidth/high quality video
Simultaneous browsing by up to five users
Multi-browser compatible
Built-in DVR ( requires SD card)
Software upgradeable
Two-way audio. Built-in microphone
Motion detection and alerts via email with image attachment – digital image grab
Automation fault recovery and reconnection after network interruption
Remote pan (270 degrees) / tilt (125 degrees)
View from any browser, iPhone or any IP-enabled phone or device

Have had great difficulty getting this up and running. Support is nonsupportive. Anyone have issues like this? If so, any advice would be helpful! TIA.

Here is all the advice you guys need, The app they reference in the manual does not work, go to play store and download the app “MIPC”.

If you use the camera app they are talking about in Android 7 you cant create an account.

I emailed support and they told me to try that app. I am still looking for the stream URL so I can set it up on my camera server, but the newer app is much better.

hope this helps someone.