ASTAK MOLE Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi IP Camera

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ASTAK MOLE Pan/Tilt Wi-Fi IP Camera
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heres the Product Page

they are going for less on amazon if you buy it used. One used seller has it BNIB but the box is damaged. cheaper there. I don’t care how the box looks, personally…

not sure if this is really worth it at this price. What’s the pros/cons of this model versus something like this? I just bought two of those from amazon and they are working perfectly… Why would you ever need something like this model?

The other one is a KaiCong and this is a ASTAK MOLE! One is MUCH easier to pronounce!

I’ve had this camera for about 3 years. The “Send video clips to YouTube” feature has never worked since I’ve had it. This is because YouTube disabled automatic uploads from many IP cameras, this one included. (just google “astak mole youtube” and you’ll see details). There are lots of better cameras for the price. Astak has completely abandoned it. Firmware hasn’t been available for download since I bought it. The image quality is poor and the support is nonexistent. It makes a loud clack sound when it switches to night mode (when the infrared illumination comes on), which it does over and over if someone walks in front of it or if trees cast shadows in it’s field of view. It has several bright LEDs on the front that can’t be disabled. You could walk in front of mine and I couldn’t get a good enough picture to identify you unless you were within 5 feet or so. I basically just use it to check on the dogs when I’m at work and even then it’s not so great.

Many of the 4 and 5 star reviews are 5 years old. It might have been a good camera then. It’s simply been outpaced now though.

Here’s an example of the video quality (I took this screenshot while typing this). Is my dog in the kennel? I can’t tell but my roomba is still running…

Just curious. What other camera would wooters suggest that is a similar all in one w/ tilt and pan, can pick up voices, has recording capability and has better lenses for clarity, reasonably priced? I just don’t need or want a multi camera system requiring lots of wiring leading to a 1T recording DVR. Thanks!

Foscam has some very similar to this one (just with way better image quality and modern controls). The Foscam FI9821W V2 is a good one.

I completely agree that Foscam has a reputation for a quality product, better features, and lower cost… not sure who would consider buying this ASTAK after doing any amount of research.

This cam is about $40 too much. I picked a Swann wireless pan tilt with gmail support for under $40 on dailysteals and have loved it. It’s pointed at my front door and sends me awesome pictures of everyone who comes in my door. The speakers work pretty well and I love messing with my pets through it.

Long story short, don’t pay $80 for a non-HD pan/tilt camera.

Hi my name s Jeremy I work at Astak and am lead support and IT for the moles please feel free to ask me anything about them!

80$ is a very fair deal on a VERY well-known and reliable product. I’d put mine to the test against them any day :slight_smile: I’ve had customers with 16 of them that have been working sending high quality photos and video for years and they keep coming back. Our customer service is another huge customer return point. We take the stance of YOU are the ones that pay our bills feed our family and keep the roof over our head our products and support reflect that. And you will get that “Old Fashioned” Customer service and security owning our product guaranteed!


Jeremy - are there any plans to offer firmware updates for the Mole?

Yes we do offer firmware updates. I also collect any issues from our customers and give them directly to the developers to assure YOU get what you want! :slight_smile:

Also firmware updates are very easy to do. Its as simple as downloading the latest firmware file from our support site onto your PC making sure your mole is hard wired to your router going to the system tab clicking update firmware. Target your downloaded file and it updates! :slight_smile:

Can you show me where I can download the latest firmware for the Mole? There’s never been anything available here:

Absolutely! go to from left to right select “Drivers” -> “IP Cameras” -> “MOLE-VGA IP Camera” Firmware is the download on the left “Firmware 0509”