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can this email videos triggered my motion sensor?

Is it possible to upload videos to cloud? where?

Yes! It can. You can setup motion detection to your liking then have a email alert sent to you. The camera has a SD card that stores pictures and video that can be accessed remotely as well. I log into mine at home throughout the day. You can check on family and Pets. Or just get peace of mind while away.

Jeremy here from Astak IT/CSR Support. I will stay with all of you throughout the next few days to answer questions and help you choose the right product for your needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about these great products. All of them have a great and most multiple uses and more features than meet the eye. So don’t be shy! I love this community and you all are great! And I love to help and support you from time of purchase and way beyond that!

Which of these would work best as a baby monitor?

Is this weatherproof? I want to setup one of these outside on the front porch.

The mole, Mobivue 100 or 320 would all serve as great baby monitors.

We have other camera systems that are "outdoor systems. These are not however, We have had a mole under the overhang at out front door for years. Its still running like a champ. i would just make sure its in a spot that it doesn’t receive direct contact with water.

I already got mine, accidentally ordered two but I could use them. I am disappointed that these don’t see new because the seal on both boxes was broken and the power adapter was not neatly tied. This makes me think that I got refurbs :(. Still waiting for confirmation email after signup. I hope the reviews hold true.

Set one up, motion sensitive and alerts are flaky. I am not sure if this would be a good baby monitor. I’ll most likely have to get a real monitor when our baby arrives next week.

Since Astak employees are monitoring this thread, can you clarify what info goes to Astak servers? does the video or alerts travel to the app via an intermediate server and if yes, are the videos, images or alerts stored on the said intermediate servers?

Thanks for the comment on baby monitoring. I wondered if the motion sensing could be specific enough to alert in the middle of the night. Looks like I’ll be doing more research.

Can any of these cameras record to a network drive using Samba protocol ?

You’ve probably got a month or two before you’ll have the baby in another room if it’s arriving next week :X

The comments on Amazon either say there is no support (bad reviews) or say they got Jeremy, the super helpful support guy (good reviews).

Are you the entire support department, Jeremy?

Yes you can get email alerts from motion detection and it saves the files to the SD card which you can access remotely. :slight_smile:

If you are having any issues with setup or confirmation please call me at 408-680-6695. As for the power cords the gents packing the boxes have been in a frantic rush with all the orders. I’d be happy to replace the adapters and personally wrap them up for you :slight_smile:


As of now I am. So I deeply apologize for any delays in response. I can get very overwhelmed sometimes and some callers will want to stay on the phone with me for a hour or sometimes more. I can never say no to a customer or say I need to go. It would be rude and I want every one of my customers to truly feel taken care of because I do care and I want to make sure each and every one of you are provided the service you deserve.


Any one of them would work great to be honest. But to save some money if you are just going to use it as a baby monitor I would go with a Mole. I like to be straight forward. I’m not a used car salesman :slight_smile: I want you to get the product that’s right and cost effective for you. Plus with a new baby you need every penny you have right now. Trust me I understand I have two boys of my own so I will suggest the more inexpensive Mole camera.


These cameras are not meant for outdoor use. We have other systems that are waterproof however, We have had one under a overhand and its been through rain cold freezing weather and heavy wind and its still kicking. But again no they are not weather proof. But they do handle it very well despite not being so.


No. No videos, photos or any other private images are stored on any server. The only thing that stores your videos and images is the physical SD card in your unit. I own 2 Moles and a Mobi 320. Personally I would be VERY upset if my personal life was being stored on a server. My wife and I like to enjoy a glass of wine and movie after the kids go to bed ;). The service is run by yoics/weaved its a streaming live video called upon by you via your personal ip address and that runs directly from the unit threw your ISP and to you. So again NO we are not being watched :slight_smile:


P.S. Here is a copy and paste from my own camera this is the only thing we can see.

Select jeremy.k@^&*&^%%^.com 00:00:00:25:07:00:2C:## Camera Viewer Astak 00:13:00:09:00:##:00:01:04:06:00:00 174.101.181.###:#### My Camera inactive 3/2/2012 11:50:30 AM 12/1/2014 3:20:46 PM