Astek Wall Tiles

What exactly are these? A full sheet of print? Or tiles? Is it vinyl material?

I love the idea…but has anyone seen this in captivity? How is it installed?

I currently live in an apartment that resembles a white box. this could be perfect, but I too would need more info, and I can’t find much through google.

Here’s the Astek web site:

Thank you for sharing that. However. The website has nothing to say about this product - that I could find. Odd.

What kind of info are you looking for?

I found some for sale on Here is their description

Brand: Astek Wall Covering
Type/style: Wall tile
Materials: High grade vinyl
Dimensions: 48 inches long x 50 inches wide
Square footage per tile/box: 16.67 square feet
Installation: Self-installation
Pack/case of: Two (2) sheets
Easy to install pre-adhesive backing that can be completely removable and re-usable
Can be cut and collaged to fit any space

Can woot double check the dimensions - similar products seem to be 50" by 50" not 50’ by 50". If these are really the dimensions then they are quite a good deal!

Hopefully Woot will verify. If the dimensions are indeed 50’ it’s worth the plunge to give it a shot. Nifty look to a lot of the patterns.

Sorry about that- I did verify with the buyers and got it changed to the correct 50" x 50".

In one of my incarnations I did interior work, meaning painting and wallpapering. I really like a lot of these patterns, but can’t do anything with them right now. I suggest finding a tutorial online to determine how much you need and how to place patterns, the latter can be tricky and patterns always mean you need extra. Also, it would be a good idea to confirm the size for any pattern you might want to get, the different patterns might run different sizes.

about Astek, the company, video.

how many tiles are included in an order, assuming I order “1”? this description is pretty confusing! it seems like there are only 2 tiles per order?

I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back!

[Edit: they are two pieces!]

So, if the stats are correct… its cheaper to wallpaper. This does not seem like a deal.

Well, sure it is…if you don’t mind paying more than $3 per square foot for this stuff.

They can call it what they want; it’s essentially vinyl wall covering. WAY overpriced vinyl wall covering.

They are removable and appear to be able to be applied again somewhere else.

As far as I can tell, it looks like you get 50 square inches, which is 16 square feet (48 inches, or four feet on a side) in two pieces. So I would figure how many 4 foot by 4 foot pieces you would need to fill a space and buy that many packages.

that sculptural wooden mid-century modern looking chair is amazing. anyone have more info on it?

I wonder how well these tiles take to having a nail hammered through them to hang a picture or mirror…? I’m betting the vinyl splits and cracks. Also, walls are rarely perfectly flat – the adhesive won’t matter if the full surface of the tile can’t make contact with the wall because of bumps and seams.

I bet these would be great for a damp environment like back-splashes and bathrooms (not in showers though), but only if that adhesive is strong.