Astella 30" Wood Burning Fire Pits - Your Choice

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Astella 30" Wood Burning Fire Pits - Your Choice
Price: $89.99 - 219.99
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We’ve had the square one for about 4 years here in Nebraska. It has held up well. It stays out year round and we use it about a dozen times a year. I found that it needs to be covered or it rusts. I cut a blue tarp to fit, put on a few grommets and strap it down with bungees. Also, don’t leave ashes in it for long - they hold moisture and rust the bottom.

I have one of these and my experience is similar. I would not purchase one again, merely because I would like outdoor things to be able to withstand the rigors of being outdoors.

In addition to the points noted by the previous poster, one of the lining stones split/cracked due to the heat of the fire. I live in Florida and high humidity may have something to do with my experiences.

Great deal, if you have money to burn.

How do I get to a picture of the hexagonal one - the down arrow doesn’t seem to work.
Also, can anyone recommend a fireproof round mat to put under it?

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