Astella 9' Tilting Market Umbrella

If these are the same umbrellas that we bought several years ago from Woot they are awesome! They do look the same with big thick spokes. The ones we got had wooden spokes and they held up very very well in high winds on the beach while the metal spoked look-allies bent up. We have had the original ones for years and take them to the beach every year packing several of them in the back of the wagon. If anyone can tell me what the material used in construction it would be very helpful. If these are the beefy ones we purchased before I would be interested in getting another one or 2. I do recall that not all of it was wood but the spokes were.

I read the description fully and it stated the frame is powder coated which means it will be metal. Hope this helps

Can you please on the umbrella which style is it:

  1. Steel Market Umbrella
  2. Pacifica
  3. Ofelin Market Umbrella

Per the vendor: these are powder coated steel

Anyone know if this is a canvas type material, or polyester/nylon?

Hello, the material is going to be polyester.

If you would like to know more, check Amazon. This gives the full description and is about double this price too.

Confirmed that the fabric is a polyester as noted above by another wooter. :slight_smile:

What is the diameter of the pole (so I know what kind of base to purchase)?

Vendor says 1.25".
We’ve added this to the features.

Can someone recommend a base that will hold this diameter pole and handle winds without falling over? Thanks.

Nevermind, saw this:

Found What I THINK might be the Umbrella at the Mothership Website:'+Tilting+Market+Umbrella

If it holds up the Arizona Sun for a year it might be worth the price of admission. I bought a Decorative Base from Tuesday Morning, but the Mounting Sleeve is 1.25" not the usual 1.5" diameter, so this umbrella will work. But of course you buy the base with the umbrella during this WOOT event it should not be a problem.

California Umbrella?

Fine umbrella but the whole “tilting” thing isn’t true. Either mine was defective or it’s just a shoddy product.