Astella Fillable Bronze Umbrella Base

This is a terrible base! When it said resin I really didn’t expect it to be cheap plastic. The handle is so flimsy and the slightest heat and wind weaken it even further and make the umbrella tilt. Don’t risk breaking your umbrella, stay away from this base.

Worst base ever. Put the umbrella in and the next day it was still in but the plastic basically caved in under the weight. Worst woot purchase ever.

Did you fill it with sand or water?

I agree with the other purchasers.
This is a TERRIBLE product…
My worst purchase ever from Woot.

it LOOKS like a stand - but it just colapses …falls over –

Doesn’t matter what its filled with, the plastic mount is just inadequate for the job. And standing in the sun likely makes it worse!!

Terrible POS stand. Filled it with water and followed all directions. Within a day my umbrella was at a nice 45 degree angle.