Astella Patio and Beach Umbrellas - Your Choice

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Astella Patio and Beach Umbrellas - Your Choice
Price: $15.99 - 29.99
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Comments from a previous offer

I can’t speak to the quality of these particular umbrellas, but I can tell you, having just finished an exhausting search for the right market umbrella for my balcony (including several purchases and returns ranging from $70 to $260), that a) you get what you pay for, and b) push-button tilt is a pain in the backside with a canopy any larger than 6’, and c) there’s nothing more important than a large wind vent, which is damn near impossible to find.

Canopy fabrics vary wildly in quality and weight, and unless you’re seeing one in person, it’s almost impossible to tell what you’re getting in that regard.

Tilt mechanisms come in three types:

  • push-button (you have to adjust the angle by hand, which can be trick given the weight of a 9’ canopy)

  • collar (above the crank for opening and closing, you grip the plastic around the pole and twist it to tilt the canopy)

  • automatic (once the canopy is open, you just keep cranking to tilt)

As for the wind vent, a few years ago it was easy to get umbrellas with the vent about half way down the canopy (and sometimes another smaller one at the top), and those really stood up to wind. Now I can only find one model with anything but a tiny vent at the top, and that one model is cost-prohibitive.

Granted, very little of this relates to the umbrellas here today. But if you’re looking for an umbrella that will last, I just thought in the spirit of Woot, I’d pass along my learning.

could the 6’ beach umbrella be used with a holder and an umbrella table? My patio is too narrow for a 9’ umbrella.

Did anyone tried the 6’? The reviews are poor… :frowning:

I got a 9’ in the last sale. It’s cheap quality. The fabric is very thin. The post itself seems OK. The “metal” parts are just shiny plastic. If you need one for occasional use, it would be fine, but I wouldn’t rely on it for daily use or in a windy setting.

The fillable resin base sucks more than a sucky thing that sucks. It’s worthless.

Picked one of the smaller ones up a few months ago, I’m very happy with it, for sure when you consider the price.

we’ve had it out on the beach on a windy day and it has worked great!

If you are simply looking for a nice bit of shade when you go to the beach, you can’t beat the smaller one for the price.

What’s that blob-looking thing in its own photo supposed to be?

We couldn’t figure it out either D:
So we removed it! :smiley:

I got one of the bigger tilt ones last time around…It’s a average quality umbrella which should last a couple of seasons.
worth $30…but not much more than that…

I bought the 9’ in blue and the bronze base. The umbrella is ok, and like others said it’s inexpensive and you get what you pay for. The base is worthless! Filled it with water, set the collapsed umbrella in it, came out the next morning and the plastic in the base had bent and the umbrella was at 45 degrees. Don’t waste your money on the base!

AND a 9-footer with 6 rib instead of 8 is probably not too good either!