Astella Patio Umbrellas (9' or 11')

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Astella Patio Umbrellas (9’ or 11’)
Price: $34.99 - 84.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Mar 02 to Monday, Mar 05) + transit
Condition: New


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Why does a roughly 50% increase in umbrella material/coverage area = >100% increase in price?

Quite a bit more metal is needed for the structure to hold the weight.

How can I order 6 diffrent colors?

There are 3 things I would point to that contribute to a bigger cost difference.

The 11ft is made with Aluminum which is about 2x more costly than the Steel used to make the 9ft umbrella. Aluminum is lighter and so the larger canopy won’t be as heavy to crank open.

Also, Fabrics are a greater % of the costs to make an Umbrella than one would think, they make up 70% of the cost to make the umbrella. As you go out from the center pole, much more fabric is needed to cover the area beacause the panels get wider. The fabric area from 4.5 to 5.5 ft is 40% of the fabric area on the whole panel.

The 11 ft umbrella has a box that is longer and wider, so the box costs more to ship around because it take up more space in trucks and the carriers charge more for larger boxes.

I hope this was helpful.

Where does it say the 11’ is aluminum? Not a bad price if that is the case, not to mention the weight. I would be tempted if that is true.
Also, why is the tilt mechanism not visible on the pictures of the 11’ umbrellas…?

What material is the pole made of?

Per the features:

steel umbrella frame

I work at the manufacturer, and we supply both items to Woot for the sale here. That 11 foot, It should be listed as Aluminum, and if you search the items on other sites you’ll see the materials are listed with the products on other retailers, we supply these details but the details don’t always get put up on the listings…

The 11ft umbrella doesn’t have a tilt joint. It cranks open and closed, and it’s a larger shade area, but the larger umbrellas are much easier to break a push button tilt in the breeze, and crank tilts that are made to take more of the forces of a breezy day and not break, well they are more expensive to build, so the prices for those items are higher.

The 9ft is Steel, the 11ft is Aluminum.

According to what @bryansanches is saying
the features/specs need some updating.
9’ = steel, with tilt
11’ = aluminum, no tilt

We’ve confirmed and have updated the features to show this.

We’ll email customers to let them know tomorrow. Not sure it’s an issue since you probably don’t want to be lifting 11’ of steel anyway. :\