Astella Umbrellas

once again umbrellas with no bases


Probation? Is that the same reason any negative posts about Woot get deleted?

i’m guessing the probation is less for the negative post than the really oversized graphic.

The probation notification is in their signature, they weren’t probated for that post. We normally delete posts before we probate someone.

Ordered 2 but never received any. This seems to be happening more and more if you put more than one item in your cart and but it. Third or forth time this year. Guess one itme marked as shipped in the cart really throws off the cart for some reason and nothing else gets shipped. Put in customer service notice three days ago and nothing.

I’m sorry about that. We’ve just discovered a problem with emails getting to our new CS software. That could be part of the problem. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so CS can look into it.