AsterOutdoor Inflatable Swimming Pool, Your Choice

AsterOutdoor Inflatable Swimming Pool, Your Choice

This seems like a great price. I ordered a different brand elsewhere for $20 more, but it appears to be exactly the same.

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Looks like the same one at Wally World for $25 (10ft one)

So close… but no cigar!

That one says 120x72x22 and this one is 120x72x24.

Seriously though, let’s look at this:

  1. Not the same dimensions

  2. This is the “old” model Play Day at the discount price

  3. The new model Play Day is around $39.99

  4. The Play Day comes with a 90 day warranty

While this unit:

  1. Has a one year warranty! Most Important!

  2. Is built tougher

  3. Is slightly bigger, so more water

  4. And is available now at Woot! at a discount with free shipping if you’re a Prime Member.

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Relax dude. It’s just an inflatable pool.

I only said “looks like” never said it was exactly the same thing.

2 inches is not worth the price difference.

(Typing this while next to my adult sized pool)

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That’s not what she said.


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