Astra Radio Communications Surveillance and Tactical Mics

Stop closing your eye

You mean like this?

Motorola MR350R Talkabout

Mixed reviews at radioshack.
It seems a lot of people are saying the major cons involve short range, long charge time, low battery life.

These throat mikes are for current and older radios. We’re about to upgrade radios at work, and these arn’t compatible with the new Motorla APX series.

That would take a T24075 connector.

I think you always can order it from the manufacture’s website.

Lucky bastard

Judging from the photo of the backward hatted bozo used to advertise this product, it must be really simple to use.

I hope he get’s shot in the eye, safety first damnit!

You’ll shoot your eye out! Haha! Kind of makes me want to watch ‘A Christmas Story’ in July. :smiley:

the red dot sight is on backwards lol

I love the orange thingy on the tip of the barrel.

Courtesy of a FEMA AFG grant.

He’s a southpaw; what do you expect? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Woot couldn’t you have used some other image other than a sniper?..
…as well as adding “You’re not gonna sit there and let that jerkface get away with saying that, are you?”