Astrale e Terra Napa Valley Estate Syrah

Astrale e Terra Napa Valley Estate Syrah 5-Pack
$59.99 (Normally $112.00) 46% off List Price
2004 Astrale e Terra Estate Syrah, Napa Valley Atlas Peak
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So, was Scott Harvey involved with this wine, as he was with the Astrale e Terra CS offered a couple of weeks ago?

Scott Harvey was involved. Check out the vintner voicemail.

Yes, finishing and blending, according to the vintners voicemail.
And he likes to drink this as well.
I kinda like older bottles too, wish he was going to be around for questions. Hope he has a good cruise. We’ll miss him.

From the Specs tab on the sale page:

Blend: 76% Syrah, 24% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol: 14.2%
pH: 3.69
Bottled: 7/13/07
Produced: 392 cases 12/750ml
VA: .07
Consulting Winemaker: Scott Harvey - Finished, blended and bottled

Already have enough wine to wash my car (if I had one) in the apartment, but seriously considering this. Will revisit in the AM, NYC time.

Hey Woot! Just checking in, with Scott cruising and enjoying a well deserved Vacation. We’re here to answer any questions that you may have.

Like you, we are in love with Scott’s wines(thats why we hired him) and are super excited to share them with the Woot faithful.



Thank you for joining.
Does this blend have low residual sugars, and is this considered more on the dryer side.
Appreciate it. Cheers

The RS on this wine is low, it does have beautiful black fruits and cherries on the front palate. Followed by a dry vanilla toasty finish. Like most of Scott’s wines, it impressively balanced.

I’m in for 2. Scott Harvey has the magic touch. Really enjoyed his Syrah I bought here during the woot off and will def chance this one. I found this link which sealed the deal for me. I love a long finish so sounds like my kind of wine. This one will sell out I bet.

We agree, Scott is a master at blending. I popped a bottle of this wine tonight in honor of this deal, wishing we had more.

Sounds fantastic. As you said; impressively balanced…lovely
Thanks and looking forward to enjoying.

Thanks for the link…and I agree with you…SOLD OUT

Edit; It pays to stay up late on the East Coast!

I’m overstocked with wine, but this from the link above sounded too tasty to pass up.

I love Scott-made Syrah. Anyone in California like to split? North or South is good, I travel. I also have a $5 voucher I could use, but it if it bounces and you can’t reach me, get and I’m good for 2 or 3 bottles!

And if anyone has a spare Arcturus or two lying around… here’s a good swap opportunity!

Recently picked up the 1999 Arcturus and the 2006 Cab here. Tried the Arcturus the other night and loved it. Have not had a chance to try the Cab. This looks like an auto but for me - in for one.

I can’t seem to get the voicemail to play on my Android browser. Is this the case for anyone else using an Android phone?

Back to the wine…this sounds delicious! And long-lived, too! A bottle of wine that can last a decade and a half for less than $50 is a steal, but this one takes the cake at $13/bottle!

I will make the same comment I did with the Astrale e Terra Cab. Aged juice from Atlas Peak graced by the hand of Scott Harvey. No brainer indeed.

I am well over-stocked with wine and have no money for this, and trying desperately not to buy more wine, and WD keeps digging up SH wines and SH made wines, knowing all too well that I cannot resist them.

Oh, and did I mention these are only $13/bottle?

Typical Scott Harvey wine…not available to a soul in New England.