Astro 7-in-1 Workbench DIY Work Station

Astro 7-in-1 Workbench DIY Work Station

Competitors video but close to the same work bench.

hmm. I almost want this. Anyone have any experience with it?

I bought it here when it showed up before. I’ve only used it a few times, and only as a work table. So far, it’s good. I’ll say the slots for the clamps are pretty tight for standard Harbor Freight bar clamps, and I broke the edge of one of the inserts when trying to extract the clamp, but it was nothing structural. Also, the swivel casters can get in the way when opening/closing the legs, so you have to juggle those as you open it. On one promo video, they made a point to show the power strip as removable so you could hose the unit down; on this one from Woot, it is fixed in place and not apparently removable.

I can say this is well-made enough for light-medium household/workshop tasks, and maybe more.


With those casters I would be hesitant to put more than about 20 pounds on it on anything other than perfectly level floors with no big thresholds between rooms. Those just look like something that is just dying to snap off.