Astro Pneumatic Hand Tools

“Its oatented dual function design.”

I need to check at the oatent pffice, to see if the oatent was filed there (at the pffice.)

Now, you get to find it.


Where are these tools made? Drives me nuts when Woot doesn’t list country of origin!

Can you guys please link me to the one(s) you’re asking about?

“Now, you get to find it.”

And, you did. (Just so you know, Google will do a search on your website, if someone included a quote, which I did. All you got to do, is Google it.)


I may be out of line here, but, ALL of them?



(Response to manhandsha’s request.)


I am specifically interest in the Astro Pneumatic 9509 Go-Through Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece

Though I would say that if they were made in the USA that the manufacturer would have it on their website.