Astro Pneumatics

“Astro Pneumatic 9910 Multipurpose Electric Nut Riveting Kit”

I suspect my ex had a hand in developing this.

I bought the 1775(?) jump kit from amazon a while ago. Sad to say I have used it a couple times to fire up a couple motorcycles. On a single charge I have jumpstarted about 4 maybe 5 times, and still has charge. I bought it to carry in a saddle bag for just that type of need, and it has worked exactly as required. I read that they work well on cars too, but havent used it for that.

WOW the 650A Diesel 7785 jump start kit includes a MAGSAFE adapter!!!@!!
Apple does NOT license those so this is a short lived knockoff. The other company that does something like this, ChugPlug, goes on your Apple AC adapter where the wall plug adapter fits… and I’m wrong. I searched on Amazon for ChugPlug and hit a whole pile of MagSafe adapters, just not Magsafe2, so I guess MagSafe is no longer patented now. Just need to pay the $10 Apple tax for the MagSafe to MagSafe2 adapter

I found the product page for the 650A jump starter.
It has 17,000Ah capacity battery.
That didn’t seem like much but most of the ones on amazon have 12,000Ah like the other one here and the amp out of 650A is also impressive in comparison.
The MagSafe cable is available on Amazon for $9 if you already have a jump starter with a 19-20V output but most of them don’t include it so this looks like a real good value.
Any cheaper alternatives?
Otherwise I’m buying here.

That’s mAh, not Ah. Units matter. The top of the line 18V power tool batteries max out at 5 Ah right now. A 17,000 Ah battery would be an invention on the scale of Tony Stark’s arc reactor.

Boy I could have sworn I typed mAh.
I have a jump starter with a dead 17Ah SLA in it that I’m replacing so this is the same capacity.

Have four of those riveting guns, too bad I didn’t get the price drop. They are nice if you do rivetnuts manually.