AstroAI TRMS 6000 Digital Clamp Multimeter

Considering getting this. I have/had a Fluke that stopped working for some reason. Now only have the free harbor freight multi-meter. But, only use around the house to see if a wire is hot or not so not worth buying an expensive one.

Multimeters give me a charge!

That’s shocking!

I can’t find whether or not this is UL listed.

Have you checked the fuse inside? the meter?

Maybe it is just a Fluke LoL…

I received the multi meter I ordered, thank you.
The package did not include the thermo coupler/temp probe, pictured and referenced in description. I noticed several others mentioned the same complaint in their on line reviews.
Also, your directions for use are terrible and non-existent. . As an avid DIY’er, I take a lot of pride in my ability and knowledge re most trades (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, media, etc.) however you are not doing your product and its attendant benefits any favors by totally ignoring some simple explanations of how to use it. For example: “to test voltage, turn selector to V, and then select ~.” Or, “to test polarity, or, to test continuity, or, to test resistance, (and so on), do this… A simple chart with the procedure and the associated settings and probe position would be a most welcomed improvement. If you have updated the product package to include something like that please forward it to me. If not, I’ll look forward to you doing that, and hope I get it soon.
And finally, the ability to put a “tone” on wires to trace/sort them out would be most helpful.
You’ve got a good product, at a good price, but drop the ball by failing to “finish” and “package” it. That’s too bad for your product and it’s users.

Rick A