Astronomy and light pollution


I would like to see some dark sky friendly products here on Woot. Maybe some attractive porch lights, motion detectors for floods, and shielded flood lights…oooh maybe even some dark sky friendly landscape lights.learn more at


Nice try.


If it’s spam, they did a nice job of slipping it in there. Light pollution, huh? I have better things to worry about.




It’s not spam!! I’m not into sales, just education. Our view of the universe is rapidly disapearing due to the thoughtless use of exterior lighting. And there are harmful ecological effects as well. Change is cheap and saves energy.Light pollution isn’t given much consideration due to lack of awareness.


Okay; I buy it . . .

I too dislike the amount of light we waste at night . . . 90% + of which is unnecessary from even a safety standpoint . . .

I too miss being able to discern the Milky Way’s swath across the night sky . . .

I too look forward to traveling to areas where it’s dark enough to see more than the brightest stars or planets . . .


But I must drive the demons back into the wood or they will take our children under cover of night!


It’s an interesting website.


And should be considered a major concern.