Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet w/Keyboard Dock

This is going to take forever. this was there on woot just a few days back!

Mine arrived today, have not even had time to remove it from the box or I’d weigh in on how much I like it. There were plenty of good reviews though or I wouldn’t have hit the big button several days ago when it was offered.

Does this work with mac? : )

Amazon has it new for the same price (but without the keyboard).

Decent case:

Received this tablet w/ dock from the last time it was on Woot. Loved it and fortunately didn’t have a scratch or problem that other wooters reported. I updated to Jelly Bean without a problem. As with a lot of other forums I read, best thing to do is update and do a factory reset to get the quirks out and then it’s smooth like jelly.

It also recognized my PS3 controller without a hitch. It has become an awesome entertainment machine since I started using it for game emulators (N64, Sega Genesis, Playstation).

Most video file formats are recognized if you get the MXPlayer app that’s free with advertisements.

Got mine from woot a few months ago and it’s my most used device!

Wow! A $329 laptop with 32GB of RAM, that’s an incredible deal!

They have 17 of them and sold 6 so far…

I received mine a few months ago ordered from Woot and had no issues or problems with it…updating to jelly bean is automatic. Didn’t have the 32GB offered when I purchased the 16GB with dock. LOOOVE mine. If you are contemplating getting one and you are in the market for a tablet, get this before it sells out. Good price!

I bought mine new when it came out last summer and I am still madly in love with it.

…aaaand they’re gone. But this is Woot, I’m sure they have more somewhere.

i got my order in!!!11 excited to pair with my android devices