Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet with Keyboard

**Item: **Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet with Keyboard
Price: $369.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Bought my Asus TF300T 10.1" Tablet & Keyboard Dock Sold on Woot Quantity:1 @ $299.99 in November of 2012. Love it. Use it everyday.

I have had none of the previously reported issues with screen cracking.

Love the USB port with a wireless mouse.

SD & Micro-SD…can’t beat it!

Good morning all.

Well good morning!

I’ve had mine for over a year. Bought it new and paid a lot more but I love it. No issues so far.

hope there is a Bag of Crap today

My wife and I both have Asus tablets with docking keyboards and love them. No, they are not a laptop replacement (we have those as well) but there are times when you want something smaller and they will do most things a laptop does. The keyboard gives you an extra 9 hours battery (for a total of 18).

YAY! That’s what we like to hear!

That you loved it. Not that you paid more. Sorry about that part.

I have this one and love it. Beautiful display and fast. I agree it doesn’t replace a laptop or ultrabook, but it does many things well. With the keyboard doc you get very long battery life. Lasted 10 hours on a plane watching videos.

Bought a nearly new unit on ebay; bought a brand new dock separately, certain that I spent more combined than this deal, although I didn’t get a refurb.

I generally DON’T use my laptop any more and haven’t since I got this. It is such a mainstream tablet that all the ROM developers write for it so it can be rooted, custom recovery added, and custom ROM.

And just within the last 72 hours an NVFLASH method was developed to render the unit “unbrickable.”

That kind of reliability is hard to find in devices these days.

Highly recommended.

TF201 user here.

I would LOVE to upgrade to the 700, but I really haven’t run across any reason not to love my TF201!

Therefore if you were to get this TF700, you would surely love it 499 MORE!

I bought the T300T a while back and found that if you use a remote desktop program like TeamViewer, you can actually get some basic laptop-like work done on the device. I was able to open up my home desktop and work on a few Word documents for my charity work. Works well especially if you have intense documents that only Word seems to be able to handle.

Too cute TT. That is me right there !!! Love the little dog lol . Great pic. thanks for the Laff.

Can you teather to your droid for service if there isn’t any wifi nearby?

Hubs and I both have a TF700t that we bought a year ago for twice as much. We love them, and have never had any problems. ASUS makes top of the line products. We use them for taking notes in class and surfing, and the battery lasts for a whole day of classes and then some.

I let the kids play with mine like a tablet, and it has taken their abuse well with a standard leather case on it.

The only thing I don’t like is that there is not yet a good enough office suite for Android to make it my one stop school solution. But that isn’t ASUS’s fault.

I’m sure it’s just me but that seems pricey for a refurb.

I have one of these (without the dock) but recently smashed the screen and the part is on back order. GAH! I think I paid around $500 for the thing when it was first out. The dock itself sells for more than $100 new.

I just may have to pick up one of these…

I don’t think so. I paid $700 a year ago, and that was hunting for the best deal.

I’ve been using my Galaxy 4S & Verizon account to fill in gaps in the world of wifi with no issues.