Asus 10.1" 32GB Transformer Pad Infinity

These are totally AWESOME.
I love mine.
Beats the ipad in EVERY WAY.

Previous Sale

Bought one last week. Sure wish it’d ship, though. Woot. Hint hint. Hint. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Some are already delivered. It looks like they were shipped, THEN the shipping info was input. I received my tablet and the notice at the same time.

How much was it guys when you bought it last week?

Darn, looks like my prediction of $350 was off. Glad I didn’t actually bet $10 on it!

Same price.

I almost got it then, looking now, can’t pull the trigger.

I think at this price, I would get a Note 2…

Same price.

Same price as then. Hope mine has shipped. I did order late in the day, so I’ll wait. Patiently.

This is me waiting. :slight_smile:

That is a phone - this is a tablet. I am selling my Galaxy Note 10.1 since I got this.

sorry, yes, Note 10. you didn’t like it?

I liked it quite a bit. I do have a Note 2 for my phone, so I have the handy stylus device. My tablet is also quite good (Note 10.1), but this (TF700T) is faster. I do not need the stylus input due to my phone. I still HIGHLY recommend the Note. It is quite good.

[The one that I purchased came with android version 3, Therfore I could not download flash and most movies will not play on the tablet. This includes you tube and Netflix. Thus far I have not been able to upgrade tto the OS that ASUS claims will solve the problem by allowing to download a developer version of flash. For me this makes my purchase a lemon.

I’m not sure what you mean by version 3, but the latest os is jelly bean. If you are not on jb, than you should be able to upload it automatically through the asus ota, or manually by following this guide:

As for flash, try opera or boat browser. The stock browser (not chrome or dolphin) also supports flash, however, I’m not sure with the jb update if stock browser will still be there.
BTW, I get my 700 today, so I’ll have better answers in the next few days.