Asus 10.1" Convertible Chromebook Flip (S&D)

Asus 10.1" Convertible Chromebook Flip (S&D)

Out of support as of July 2020.

While it may not seem that bad, it is; the longer it’s out of support the more security threats and bug aren’t being fixed/patched.

If you’re looking for a Chromebook to specifically be a Chromebook without “tinkering” or loading alternate OSs that you’ll be responsible for, this is a pass.

Woot: Put the EoL dates at the top! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Captain Chromebook.

Customers shouldn’t have to go to the comments hoping that kind folks like virliman post end of life (end of auto update) info!

Here’s the list. Unfortunately this comment will not show up for other chromebooks Woot is trying to get rid of!

It’s right there in the features and the specs. Two places.

It should be at the TOP of the specs.

You’re welcome! I’d HATE to see someone buy something without knowing that it’s already End of Life / Out of Date.