Asus 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive and Windows 7

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Asus 10.1" Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive and Windows 7
$199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Asus 1005HAB-RBLK001S Black 10.1" Netbook w/ Intel Atom N270, 1.6GHz, 250GB, 1GB and Win 7

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Didn’t this just pop up with Windows XP?

Oh goodie. A netbook. UGH


Isn’t this like the 7th time this item has come up on the Woot-off??

Oh something different.

Can be Hackentoshed. So cool. I have 1.

I bought two last time and they are pretty good.

Dr. Who writeup!! YAY!

Yeah, but this time it’s $20 more.

The previous one was XP and had a smaller hard drive, but was $20 cheaper. Also, damn that went quick.

Wow that was quick

Oceana has always been at war with East Asia. We are allies with Eurasia. Thought crime is a crime against society.

IMO, a bigger HD (250 vs. 160) does not out-rank a bigger battery. Earlier Woots had 6-cell batteries.

Perhaps some Googling will find replacement batteries for this little beastie?

This with only 3 hour of battery usage. Ugh.

That lasted all of 8 seconds.

Damn I didnt even get the order complete before it sold out.

FINALLY!!! Whoa Whoo!!! It took all night, bit I finally got the Notebook that I have been waiting for! I can relax and go to bed!