Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet w/Keyboard Dock

And my favorite line out of the whole description is:

“If this is buried in a field, what grows in its place is: a very dirty Microsoft Surface.”

Good thing I hadn’t taken a drink yet or I would have spit it all over my computer when I laughed!

Video review!


Here’s a nice video review.

The review looks pretty positive. I like the built-in GPS.

A quick price search shows that you are basically getting the keyboard/dock for “free” here. Looks like a good deal to me.

I bought this tablet from woot recently and I am amazed at how often I use it. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

I bought this last time and had to return it - the keyboard would work only occasionally, and the battery life / reporting was…variable. Nice feeling piece of hardware, but just didn’t work well enough.

Asus website, product reg, and telephone customer service laughably terrible; Woot’s on the return was easy, helpful, and quick to credit (although it did cost me roughly 10% of the purchase price to ship it back via UPS). Also, to make things more confusing, the tablet and the keyboard each had two serial numbers (I assume having to do with them being refurbs), which Asus can’t figure out. Also, Asus does not distinguish between “zero” and “letter O” in their serial numbers.

Can anyone tell me if the dock is OEM or made by some third party?

The original dock list price was around 100 bucks?

I bought one of these to replace my ViewSonic g tab, and i really like this tablet. Nice slim profile, light, expandable, very responsive, beautiful display, highly recommend it. I haven’t upgraded to jellybean yet, don’t want to lose flash. Had to freeze the updater otherwise every 2 minutes a pop up would appear stating to update.

i have the brother to this tablet, the infinity, and i can vouch for the badass-ness for these tablets, well built, stupid long battery life if using the keyboard dock, limitless expansion since the dock doubles as a usb port and a sd card reader and dont forget the dock can power usb powered portable hard drives, i have a 32gb micro sd card in the tablet, a 32gb sd card in the dock and a 1tb usb hard drive that lets me carry all my movies and shows. i use the transformer for skool and work, the keyboard protects the screen but you still don’t want to mess up the aluminum finish so i suggest buying a $10 minisuit case off amazon or target has a neoprene soft case with pockets so you can take the tablet and the charger, earphones, screen cleaner, portable hard drive and a couple usb sticks. overall i give these transformer tablets a 9/10 since they are pretty much ultra portable laptop and a touch screen tablet, and a entertainment center all in one. you will not be disappointed.

for those wondering the case about shitty battery life on this OEM keyboard, you have to enable in the settings under asus customized settings for the tablet to disconnect from wifi while in sleep, and the keyboard has to be on power saver setting. my tablet with dock lasts me 3 days with moderate use.

oh yeah for the guys thinking the microsoft surface or samsung tabs are better, the transformer is the only tab on the market that rocks a keyboard dock with built in expansive battery. buy it. do it. do it. just do it.

Since this has a USB port, any chance it will work with the wifes old model fitbit? or is that not android capable yet?

The IS a difference between the zeros and the Os, but it is subtle. I used a barcode reader app and scanned the numbers off of the boxes that it came in.

I purchased this a few weeks ago from here and unfortunately I feel like the GPS is broken because it picks up 0 satellites no matter where I am.

Dock is genuine ASUS.

We got one too and it ROCKS! Because of the 90 day warranty and the number of people reporting issues, I recommend getting one and using it a LOT in the beginning.

I am in med school and we have a ton of powerpoint notes (4000 pages this semester in one class) and I would love to not have paper print outs. Is there some program with this where I can open powerpoints and quickly take notes (with the keyboard or a stylus) right on the powerpoint slides?

Seems Amazon just now wants $489 for both, if I have Prime for delivery.

I bought one here, then the next time they came around I bought one for a cousin. Good stuff.

It updates itself to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1.

I’ve seen negative comments about the slot that holds the tablet cracking. But one reviewer thought people might be forcing the dock/tablet combo open too roughly, especially at first when the hinges might be tighter.

Along with that, they may not have seated the tablet all the way into the slot until the latches close. When I hauled mine out just now to check the Android version, it looked like I might have done that myself the last time I put it back together.

I also purchased this Asus from Woot before x-mas. I got the 16GB version. I love it! I use it daily while traveling. No issues for me! Recommended for the price.

I find myself using the keyboard dock for most daily activities. Typing emails or internet searches goes much quicker for me. At night I slip off the keyboard and either use the Kindle or Google reading app. Reading is comfortable. I was worried about the size because I upgraded from the original Kindle Fire. I love the larger size now! Build quality is good as well.

Oh yea…I have the tablet loaded with a 64GB microSD card and the dock loaded with a 64GB SD card. Movies, tv shows, books, music…yes please! One of the major reasons I didn’t go for the beloved iPad! I’ll probably ditch the iPhone next!

Minor issues:
The wifi antenna isn’t exactly impressive, but works fine.

Some light bleeding around the edges of the screen only noticeable when the screen is black (ie: a movie or night-mode in a reading app).

I bought two of these when they were on sale for $299 (16GB model w/keyboard dock). This is by far my favorite woot purchase! The wife loves hers too. Absolutely no issues with either of them.

Auto-updates to JellyBean as soon as it gets an internet connection.

Performance is phenomenal.

I highly recommend this. Buy buy buy!!! I’m sure they’ll sell out before the end of the day.