Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet w/Keyboard Dock

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Asus 10.1" 32GB Tablet w/Keyboard Dock
$329.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I got the 16GB version of this last November and I love, love, love it! Mine came w/o a scratch on it - like new. The included keyboard was a selling point for me but, honestly, beyond charging it up and docking once or twice to make sure it worked I haven’t used it. Highly recommended.

That’s the TF700, which is a higher-spec’ed tablet. Though to be fair, this one has the same 4.3 out of 5 :slight_smile:

I have the TF-700T and am convinced that there is not a better tablet on the planet. While a different model, ASUS has a great reputation of happy users. If anything happened to my ASUS tablet, I would not even look at or consider any other brand. I purchased the keyboard dock but have only used it twice and the virtual keypad is easy to use.

50% of the time I am using my ASUS tablet in bed watching Netflix, playing games, etc. The rest of the time I use it while sitting in my recliner while my family is watching TV.

The camera is awesome. I do not think you will be disappointed with any ASUS tablet.

I have a similar product, the Asus Transformer Prime. I have both the tablet and the keyboard docking station. The product is a mixed bag.

The display is bright, vivid and has good viewing angles. The keyboard is decent and the dock has a small, additional battery to increase run time. Battery life is initially good. The tablet is easy to insert and remove from the dock. The dock is well executed and worth the investment.

GPS reception is poor. For a while, Asus gave away free GPS dongles to disgruntled customers. the dongle fits over the docking connector, so it was of limited usefulness. This offer has expired.

The other sensors all work as expected. The spun aluminum casing is attractive. The Tegra 3 processor has been powerful enough to handle most of the chores we have thrown at it.

My tablet began to hold less and less charge until it would not reach much above 50%. The charger has a design defect that is widely encountered, but that was not the problem with our tablet.

We sent the tablet and dock in for warranty service. It was returned with no explanation of remedy, so we phoned them and were told that the battery was replaced in the tablet. The charger also appears to have been replaced.

The display now has chips along the edges from rough disassembly by Asus technicians. Soon after the product returned, the charging problem manifested again.

If you can get a good iteration of the product, you will likely be happy. If your tablet is or becomes defective, you might be dissatisfied by Asus support.

Looks like CyanogenMod is available, right?

Anyone know anything about the difficulty of rooting, unlocking, and installing a custom ROM? Or about the general availability of third-party ROMs? From what I can tell they look pretty well kept up:, but it’s always hard to tell unless you actually have the device. I’d appreciate any thoughts people have.

I got the 16G version from woot back in November ($20 cheaper, but other than the memory, looks like the same unit.) I carry it every day; I put a 64G microsd card in, and that’s plenty of room for my recent photography. It’s gotten several automatic software updates from Asus since it arrived.

Having the extra battery in the keyboard is nice. I mostly treat it as “a laptop that you can rip the screen off of” rather than “a tablet with an external keyboard”, and I leave the touchpad turned off (I’m keyboard-oriented so occasionally reaching up to touch the screen works better for me.)

Although it shipped with Android ICS it upgraded to Jelly Bean right away, which meant that it actually supports directly working with Canon cameras (PTP, not USB Storage) so hooking up my camera, grabbing a handful of pictures, reviewing them on the hotel TV (via the microhdmi port and some generic adapter cables) and then pushing them to Flickr all Just Worked - it ended up being a better laptop than I expected, and cheap enough to not worry about so much when travelling.

My company’s CTO has one of these and thinks it’s the bee’s knees, for all the reasons mentioned by others above. Because he loves it so much, the CEO bought one too, and she’s crazy about it.

Anecdotal and second hand, I know, but there ya go.

Pro’s and con’s to getting this versus a new lenovo A2109 at the lenovo site for 230?

I have the tf201 and LOVE it!

It runs flawlessly, and Asus is great about updating it, unlike Verizon. I also love that Asus barely touched android (I’m a stock Google experience device fan).

The keyboard dock is an added bonus with great battery life and more ports than you could wish for. It also supports plug and play devices such as keyboards, mice, and game controllers.

Links to the model I own


Tf201 Keyboard Dock

Case for both

Lenovo has smaller screen with same resolution so it should seem cleaner, 3MP camera instead of 8MP, 8GB internal storage instead of 32GB, no keyboard included which also has an additional memory card slot & battery life. IdeaPad doesn’t appear to have HDMI out if you plan on using with a TV. That looks to be the major differences for your $100 less.

I was sitting on the fence last time this went on sale but after the glowing reviews I pulled the trigger and could not be happier. I bought it to replace my laptop but because the keyboard is so small it doesn’t really fit the bill. But for browsing Reddit and checking e-mail while watching TV it is perfect. I can see the keyboard with its extra battery coming in handy on flights though (Europe to US flights for me are over 9 hours).

I also started dumping TV shows to a micro-SD card and watching them while I’m at the gym with my BT headphones. Works great with my HD mkv files (I’m using VLC player beta for Android but there are many others)

After my coworkers saw how well it ran they also picked up one so I’m responsible for at least 3 sales on Woot. Where’s my commission!?

It does have hdmi out. I can’t find info if the lenovo can accept a keyboard dock and it seems people complain of the screen on the lenovo but not the asus, why if they both boast the same resolution?

I bought a Lenovo A2109 at Office Depot on sale last month for about that price and it turned out to be a good deal. The Lenovo is fast and works well. Added a compact Bluetooth keyboard (aluminum/white similar to Apple style) for <$20, and it works fine.

The A2109 has drawn reviewer criticism for its display and cameras. The display has good brightness, sharpness and excellent color rendition. What it doesn’t have is wide viewing angles. You set it so the angle’s right and it’s fine, you move around, it’s kind of dark and less definite.

I haven’t tried the cameras in anything approaching bright, sunny lighting. In typical poor indoor lighting the images are such that you can recognize the subject, and that’s about it. Lenovo needs to work on its cameras and has a long way to go. If a great built-in camera is important, you’d surely be happier with the Asus.

Sound from the Lenovo’s speakers is wimpy, but that seems to be a tablet thing. With headphones or an external speaker it’s pretty good.

Fit and finish are very good. The tablet has a nice, sturdy feel to it.

As for surfing and other basic functionality, the Lenovo is a good tablet at a very good price. I don’t think you’d go wrong with the Lenovo or the Asus, but the latter costs $100 more, has the keyboard dock with extra battery power and undoubtedly better cameras. Good luck.

Who refurbished this tablet?

The Lenovo A2109 does not have a keyboard dock. Lenovo makes a bigger, more-expensive model with Qualcomm processor and excellent display for which a keyboard dock is available. It price is much higher than the A2109, plus the dock costs >$100.

The screen difference is due to the display technology. The A2109 uses a less-costly-to-make type that has been widely used on TV’s. Evidently, TV’s with bigger screens can get away with this techbology owing to their size and brightness characteristics. The tighter viewing angle is more of an issue on a smaller tablet screen. Again, I’m not really bothered by the screen characteristic and have read comments from other A2109 owners who say they’re not bothered by it either. YMMV, of course.

BTW, my A2109 has 16GB, not 8.

you have our gratitude. that’s worth something, right?


I bought this when it was up on Woot previously. I was very satisfied, the only issues I had were as follows:

The tablet had trouble multitasking. For example, if I was updating my apps it would have issues with sometimes freezing when running games.

Also, it will now recognize and accept a 64 GB micro SD card with the update, but from my experience it would sometimes freeze or transfer files very slowly to it when putting large amounts of files on it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend buying this despite the issues I mentioned above.

Also, for those looking for a quality case that can accommodate the keyboard dock as well I recommend this one: