Asus 10.1" 32GB Transformer Pad Infinity

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Asus 10.1" 32GB Transformer Pad Infinity
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I’ve had one for a while. The screen gets as bright as any tablet I’ve seen. BobJ Gear makes a great surround that protects it well and makes it easy to hold.

Only drawback is the 30-40 pin connector at bottom means you can’t lean it up against something while charging it. And I wish it had a “ring/pin” charging socket instead of doing it only through that wide connector, because the adapter is really rare when it could have been so easy.

Reviews from BHPhotoVideo and Adorama

Those “solid” reviews at Newegg lead off with a series of detailed single-star reviews. Check out the scary details of how this tablet fails and how hard it is to fix.

How Outdated is this design Asus?
It has:
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)!

I have had this tablet (but 64GB) for about 18 months. I was in love with it. But the wifi speed - even with my router in the same room is incredibly slow - to the point that I just seldom use anymore except to read a Kindle book. I have no bloatware, and have followed all the recommendations to minimize this problem to no avail. It started at around the 1 year mark and has gotten progressively worse. I am now looking for a better tablet.

The video shows a keyboard but the pictures do not. Is it included?

[MOD: Keyboard is not included.]

Even as old as this is, it is still an excellent tablet. When it was new, it was arguably the best of the best among Android tablets…I would not be deterred too much about the OS version 4.0…I doubt most people could tell you what apps would not run on it. It still has more sensors and a better screen than most…If I did not already have one, I would get this in a heartbeat. I am just sad that they don’t include the Keyboard Dock with it. I did not care for the keyboard that much, but I loved the extra battery and ports…

Asus pushed Jelly Bean 4.2 to these and the TF300 series I still have. It just came with ICS out of the box.

This is still a good tablet. I am running Pacman Kitkat 4.4 on my TF300 and even with it’s lesser hardware it still runs like a dream.

If you don’t want to wait for Asus, you can pick from any number of custom Kitkat roms right now:

Not included. I bought a keyboard for mine (refurb) and paid $119 for it (of course, I bought the tablet as a refurb for $299!). I think I have only used it once in the past year. I thought about selling it, but used ones on eBay go for pretty cheap.

Can’t believe how low the prices are on these things now. I purchased mine new and paid almost $500 :o

If you really want this tab to fly, unlock it (a tool provided by ASUS) and install the Cromi-x ROM, which is based on stock:

It will feel like a faster tab immediately.

The same dev has released a beta ROM for this as well, with KitKat. This is the one I’m using and it works great as well.

At this price it’s a steal, and I recommend it, but only if you use one of the ROMs above. Otherwise the tab will feel laggy and outdated.

I have one but no idea where it is. It may have been stolen out of my car when girlfriend left it over night at a repair shop. I am realizing now my chilton book is missing too.
I can’t even find where I bought it. I thought it was woot, but it’s not listed. Didn’t get from amazon either. Sucks getting old.

OK thanks much, appreciate it, have a great day

I have this tablet and the associated keyboard. The tablet/keyboard combo is fantastic, you basically get a slim netbook with web, email, netflix, etc. The batteries, storage, and USB port built into the keyboard mean you can get well over 100GB of storage on the device and get 12+ hours of use from it. Plus, with the keyboard acting as a charging mount you can charge it while having it propped up (as another poster complained about not being able to do without the keyboard). the keyboard is an absolute must buy for this tablet; without it there’s other better tablets out there.

The drawbacks are:

  1. Proprietary and annoying charging cable. In addition to it being a weird 30-pin connector, it also required a specific amount of input power, so you can’t just plug it into any old USB charger you have laying around the house. Yes, the charger you need can be found on amazon, but I already have 20+ chargers plugged into outlets around my life, I hate having to carry one specifically for my tablet.

  2. 1GB of RAM is criminal for the screen size and AndroidOS bloat. You’ll experience constant slowdown, unresponsive programs, crashes, and delays due to the system constantly running out of memory. My 3 year old knows how to get into the task manager and kill all the tasks to get Netflix working again. The RAM decision is unacceptable.

Bottom line: If you can handle the slowdown and don’t multi-task often, get the keyboard and this is the perfect little netbook/tablet. If you need speed or multitasking, or you’re unwilling to buy the keyboard, move on.

This is not a good tablet. I have one and it is nothing but frustrating. It’s so close to being amazing, but the I/O issues are intolerable. I’ve tried a few different ROMS, and they are much better than stock from a performance standpoint, but it is still frustrating as hell. I highly recommend avoiding this tablet, though it is a pretty good price.

If I’ve got time, I’ll try to elaborate more on some of the issues. Back to work for now.

True, but you can prop it up sideways or upside down and the screen will auto rotate.

Amazon has spare charging cables here:

And a charger with attached cable here:

I got the 64GB version in a woot a year ago. I haven’t seen the slow WiFi problem that’s been mentioned, but sometimes the whole tablet seems sluggish.

Here’s some speed up tips:

The current OS version is 4.2.1. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there are some KitKat ROM options:

I’ve commented on this every time it has come up for sale.

In short - don’t buy it unless you plan to root it and get it on 4.2.2 or better, or don’t mind it running like absolute crap and requiring constant reboots.


  • built this with inferior FLASH RAM
  • abandoned OS updates at a crucial point
  • loaded it with redundant apps (to the Google suite that the Play Store will jam down your throat) that you cannot uninstall

When these hit $99 they will be worth the coin.

I bought one of these partially to see if I’ll really use a tablet - turns out I probably would. I wanted a 10.1" screen, but was disappointing I didn’t hold out for more RAM. I would have purchased a Windows tablet if I had the choice, but I refuse to get WinRT. I don’t want (and tend not to) use it for gaming. I do like to use the Windows remote desktop app with Windows 8 to remote to my desktop - it does that fairly well, but it is limited by the tablet because my rig has a lot of graphics power. I thought this tablet was a good compromise with all that and price. Three things I want to convey… two of which are major things.

As noted by many, they can be sluggish. It’s especially sluggish when it is updating apps. I don’t mind it too much as long as it updates when I’m not on it. It can be slow when using many apps, so I’ve tried to keep a habit of closing apps instead of letting them run in the background.

One major issue is it took me a while to figure out how to charge it in through the AC adapter: it would occasionally shut itself down after I plug it in and not charge! The plug is the symmetrical prong type, but I found it did matter which side I plugged it in. Pretty bad, but whatever for this price.

The other thing was it will still occasionally shut down during use! It is rare, but it does happen to me. I will hold the I/O button to boot with nothing destructive (seemingly).

After all that, I’d still recommend the tablet though. Don’t expect a lot of power, but great for surfing, word processing, mail, chats, etc. I can’t recall if I’ve used it for skypeing.

Happy Wooting!