Asus 10.1" Eee Pad Slider Tablet



I can see myself breaking this thing in a week


It is actually QUITE sturdy.


I think the title should be edited

Asus RSL101-A1 10.10" Eee Pad Slider Tablet, Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) NVIDIA Tegra 2.1GHz, 16GB Storage, Dual Webcams, Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard

it is a tegra 2 at 1ghz, but looks like 2.1ghz :slight_smile:


Looks neat, but it’s an even bigger compromise between notebook and slate than the Asus Transformer (which winds up being heavier than the Slider if you add the keyboard).

One thing I gotta say, the Slider’s ports (even a full-size USB!) are attractive even if the chiclet keyboard and fixed-angle tilt are not.


I think is to much for a first generation Nvidia CPU.
Tegra 3 was released in beginning of 2012, I just couldn’t recommend this at the price point.
There are far better options available, with the Nexus 10.1 just right around the corner.


Good point. I’ll pass that on.


$329.99 refurbished vs. $279.99 here




product website


I bought one of these when it first came out. I was having surgery and knew I’d be unable to access my desktop for a few months. This proved to be a handy alternative, having the flexibility of a tablet and a sturdy keyboard when I needed to do some serious typing. The keyboard is comfortable to use and you also have the alternative of “Swype-ing” on the screen. Worked well for me then, and still does.


Looks like this sale is just for the white one, based on the photos. There are also at the very least Brown & Grey models. The model number for this one would be SL101-A1-WT, with the last two letters indicating the color. It would be nice if this could be clarified.


We got this for my son (he was 10)when it first came out. We liked the feature of the USB port so he could do school projects and save them to flash drives or easily print out things with our old cheap printer. He takes it everywhere and (knock on wood) it had been VERY durable.


Yep, what you see is what you’ll get. Looks white-ish.


I suggest anger management


Can you put ICS on this thing?


Says you can in the description.


Anyone have experience with this and the Sony S tablet? How do they compare ?


Yes- it should update automatically.


If anyone is looking to root and rom heres a great tool to do so.


I agree. Although the first generation Tegra 2 still perform pretty decent coupled with GeForce graphics processor. I’ve used 1st generation Thrives, Acer A500 and Asus transformer and they still do a pretty decent job-> but I purchased all of those tablets for between 180-210 refurbed. Given this has the attached keyboard, I think it should be priced around 230.


Does anyone have experience with Skype on this thing?