Asus 10.1" Tablet & Keyboard Dock



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Asus 10.1" Tablet & Keyboard Dock
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How does this compare to a chromebook?


Not too bad of a deal considering it includes the dock/keyboard. I know it’s refurb but brand new is 349 without the keyboard.

I have the original Transformer and I love that it is a tablet or laptop depending on what you need. Plus the keyboard has a battery too… extending the tablet’s battery life.


I had this tablet for quite awhile and LOVED it.

It is no longer an ICS (4.0) device as the specs indicate. The Over The Air Update from Asus for Jelly Bean (4.1) is already released and will download when you activate it.

Besides no flash for the camera and no IPS display this is virtually the same as the Prime minus the GPS and WiFi issues.


I can think of nothing negative to say about a ASUS tablet. You just can’t go wrong. I bought a TF701 in September after waiting for two months (backorder). It is by far the nicest tech device I own and I just love it. I bought the dock but have never used it. Before I bought it I did a lot of research on tablets and decided it was worth waiting for. I don’t think this is the same model but ASUS has a history of being the best tablet and I have friends with Ipads who drool over my ASUS. The HD makes Netflix look like you are in a theatre.


I got one of these from groupon. Same price (i think mine might have been 32 GB, but it was also a T101)

I love the thing. Very cool. But I am still waiting to get Jelly Bean (They are slow to upgrade the T101)

I have also had problems trying to root it. For some reason there are instructions on how to do it in windows, but no instructions for us linux users.

Other than that… My only problem is that the attachable keyboard always resets to the QWERTY. I personally use a Dvorak keyboard. So I find this kinda annoying (actually it makes the keyboard nothing but a battery pack for me… Thus I need to root it to change this “feature”)

All in all. Good tablet, good buy.


I have the previous version of the ASUS Transformer, and I can’t say how much I love the tablet/keyboard combination. My son likes it better than his iPad. It freaks people out when it looks like I rip the “monitor” off my laptop. Great to be able to fold it in half and run, instead of having to find a case for my tablet. Considering the tablet alone runs $349, I would be all over this if I didn’t already have the earlier one that’s still running like a charm.


Looks relatively comparable to the current TF700 model but with less storage space and a much better price.

Anyone know if one can change out an EMMC on this tablet?


I just ordered the TF101 for $30 cheaper from Groupon. I’m returning Groupon’s and buying this TF300 from Woot! for just a little extra. Thanks Woot!


OK. I had a choice to order ONE or ONE or ONE…

I guess that limits my spending on this device for gifts. sigh


It looks like you can put 4.1 on this guy, since there’s a firmware update on the downloads section of their site (searched by model #TF300T listed on woot)

*ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Firmware: V10.4.2.17 Only for JP SKU (Android 4.1)
Steps of Update:

  1. Check SW version of your ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T*
  2. Download ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T Firmware: V10.4.2.17 Only for JP SKU and Update version of SOP (From “Manual” Item)

※Firmware update cannot do SKU conversion and downgrade version.
Wrong SKU may cause update failure, You can only update your SW version on the Same SKU
How to check SW version of your ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T?
Path: [Settings]–>[About tablet]–>Build number
Example: You should be able to see the build number CN_epad-9.X.X.X_2012xxxx, where “CN” means SKU.


Looks like you’ll be sharing with other wooters instead of family and friends.


This looks really promising, at least for those of us who actually type on our tablets. Can anyone who has one please tell us, with the factory roms:

  1. With 4.1 is the 16GB drive sub-partitioned or all one usable space?

  2. With 4.1 does the internal (not-dock) microSD show up as /mnt/sdcard (or /mnt/sdcard2 ala Toshiba Thrive)? Is the drive one usable partition or sub-partitioned?

  3. Is Jelly Bean 4.2 promised, or at least deemed likely?

A quick search shows that Asus has posted that they’re working on 4.2, but does anyone know if 4.2 is confirmed for the TF300T?

Sorry for more questions than answers, but thanks in advance for any answers! The keyboard + multi-user support (and not just ‘kid mode’) would make this a great buy for my kids (to actually do some classwork on).


Edit: removed card reader question due to microSD AND SD card (on dock).


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This would be a good deal if it was running Windows 8 instead of being yet another crappy Android tablet.

Hmmm… I wonder if one could install Windows 8 on it.


This is a great deal. I’ve been running the original transformer and keyboard combo since it’s release and still have no issues. Asus has been great with updates, and the hardware is top notch. Considering this tablet itself runs for about $300-350 by itself, this deal is great. This should also be able to be converted to windows 8 or a chromebook with the right steps, this was an instant buy for me.


I think I can try to answer this one.(the rest I could answer tomorrow if no one else does)

First of all you will need to buy a separate adapter that will plug into the bottom of the tablet. This will give the tablet a USB port.

Through this adapter I was able to connect a memory card hub where I then transferred pics from a memory stic pro duo(sony memory card). I transferred these pics onto the device.

After on the device, I unplugged the HUB and then inserted a USB flash drive into the USB adapter. I then moved the pics I put onto the tablet, onto the USB flash drive.

I believe you were asking if you could just copy to a micro SD card. The answer to that would be yes you can do that. It would basically fall along the same lines except instead of copying from the memory card to tablet, you would just copy to the micro card.

Here is the device I bought that attaches to the table.

Here is the device I bought that attaches to the table.

Edit - it seems you edited your post but I would recommend that you still get the USB attachment instead of the Card reader attachment. It has a bit more versatility than the other.


It is OTA. Just click UPDATE in the ABOUT section of the SETTINGS from the device. The only ones that I have seen have a problem were previously rooted ones.


Thank you! Being able to backup photos while traveling (SD card to micro-SD) was my only ‘card reader’ concern. Does the usb port on the dock not provide the same functionality?

Thank you for your help! If you have time please do let me know about partitioning and/or if the internal drive (ideally with and without the dock) shows up as /mnt/sdcard (and not /mnt/sdcard2) - both of which are issues with the stock Toshiba Thrive rom.

Thank you!